Have you have ever thought to yourself, Man, which musical instrument should I learn?  Picking out one that you will stay in love with is so important. I love the guitar. I’m an old guy (43) and I still walk around the house annoying my family with sweet tunes from my trusty six string. So here is a love letter to the virtues of my best friend.

They are light and can travel, even on a plane in the overhead bin. They come is all different shapes and colors. You don’t need electricity to make a noise.  Women and or men think you are cool if you can play one. They come in handy if you need to serenade Juliet (or Romeo).  You can pretend to be interested in a conversation while playing. They will bring out in you your very own guitar face. (see John Mayer on” you tube” to see what I mean.).They look great on the wall. Will burn to make heat in an emergency.  Can be used as a weapon.  You can learn music with your kids and they will think you’re awesome! Customizing them is as easy as a sticker away. They possess deep, untapped healing powers, and are good for depression. They are environmentally friendly, (that is if you can play, ha ha). The older they, are the better they look (and sound), kind of like the opposite of you. An open guitar case holds money. Learn about four chords and you have forty years of pop music at your fingertips. Learn one scale and you sound like an old bluesman. Jamming with friends is easy as pie. The louder they get, the better they sound, also the opposite of you.

Now I could and have gone on and on. There are also many reasons why they are a great instrument for a rock band, but, let’s not get too technical. Love letters shouldn’t be reasonable. They should be romantic and passionate. I had a friend who was a trumpet player and in the end, he converted.  It’s almost like a lover that never gets fat and old. And if you don’t like her jokes anymore, then whose fault is that? I once had a girlfriend that hated my Rickenbacker guitar because she would find me asleep with it near me.  She felt jealous of my mad devotion. I never felt that it was a threat to our relationship though. I love the guitar because it has something that can be shared.