So now after anger and acceptance, and being reminded that I'm not alone in my newly chosen quest for health, I realize I'm going to have to eat healthy foods from now on. I generally don't go to bed very early. I have rarely been able to get to sleep before 11:00 PM local time, and most of the evenings are later than that for me. These are the witching hours for my calorie addiction, and it just never seems to go away.

Pretzels appear to be my new best friends, along with trail mix and fresh fruits. I have not gotten over the hump yet of eating less (I have always heard this referred to as your stomach shrinking), so I have to eat right. I suspect that eventually I'll be able to have a piece of cake, a wonderful fried pie, or a small bowl of ice cream, but that day is not even on my radar right now. Right now I am focusing on retraining my tastebuds to love fruit again. I adore peaches,bananas, and grapes, and there are other fruits out there that I'm fond of too. So how does this all work? Let me show you my schedule:

  • Breakfast - I eat sensibly. Nothing overly complicated, but something that is filling. In the winter I'll go to oatmeal, but for now I'm eatingCheerios to help with the evil Dr. Cholesterol.
  • Second Breakfast - OK, so I stole this from the Hobbits. Something small around mid morning to ease my hunger and keep me from eating "the bad stuff." Good choices are fruit or fresh raw vegetables.
  • Lunch - Now I get to have a nice meal. Sandwiches with lean meats or just all vegetables (a good tomato sandwhich is hard to beat) are nice for me at work, or leftovers from the healthy dinner my lovely wife fixed the night before. Either way, it's all about control.
  • Afternoon Snack - Around 2:00 PM I start craving something. Pretzels are filling and can turn the tide enough so that I can make it to the final meal.
  • Dinner/Supper - Try not to gorge yourself here. It is better to eat a large breakfast or lunch than a large supper. It's OK to indulge a little here if you have had a good day, but make sure you have small portions, and never go back for seconds.

So many things that I once thought were healthy are turning out not to be so. But then some of my old friends (pecans, dried fruits) from my childhood come back and save the day for me. In fact, eating nuts (in moderation, and no, peanuts aren't really nuts) can help to bring up your "good cholesterol" that my doctor tells me is just as important as keeping the "bad cholesterol" down.

Just because my days of eating three cups of gravy on some type of steak are over, doesn't mean my taste buds are going to suffer. With a little planning, you can eat well too.