Bella and Edward(118331)
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• Nice-looking actors. Swoon!
• Thrilling action scenes.


• Thought the acting was a bit cheesy at times.
• Would've preferred to have seen the more insignificant scenes that were actually in the book, rather than some of the new ones that Catherine Hardwicke (director) added in.
• Some of my favorite parts that did make it from book to screen I feel were too short. Would've liked to have seen more of particular scenes.
• Overall, the movie seemed like it'd be difficult to follow unless you've read the book first. Though I read it, I couldn't help but wonder if those who haven't would feel excluded. It seems to me that you'd almost have to read it first (if you haven't already) in order to understand what's going on.


A 17-year-old girl named Isabella Swan (or, Bella, as she prefers to be addressed) moves from hot and sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to cold and rainy Forks, Washington to live with her Father, Charlie. Her Mother, Renée, travels with her new husband, Phil, for his minor league baseball career. Shortly after arriving in Forks, Bella learns of a particular (and rather pale) family at her new school through some classmates. She sensed something different about this family, but what was it?

One of the boys in the family, Edward Cullen, catches Bella's eye right away. She instantly becomes intrigued by him, and later discovers that he's intrigued by her too. They eventually start to fall for each other, which is great, only there's one problem: Edward is a vampire. He's never been attracted to a human's blood more than Bella's, which creates an internal conflict within him. He loves her, but must also simultaneously fight the urge to kill her.

The plot immediately grows even more tense. Bella's love for Edward, an immortal vampire, and Edward's love for Bella, a delicate and mortal human combine to form a potentially deadly love story. Twilight truly is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet: a tale of two young people and forbidden love.

From Novel to the Silver Screen

Judging by how massively popular the series has become, I think it's safe to say that just about all of the fans (myself included) were excited, but also worried about how such a great book would translate to the big screen. Would all of our favorite scenes—or at least the most crucial ones to the story—make the cut? After all, turning a 498-page novel into a movie cannot be easy. What doesn't help is the fact that most books-turned-movies have a reputation for not being very successful, though there are many examples that have defied that generalization.

So, let's get to it: how did it go? Well, for starters, Catherine Hardwicke (director) made sure to keep the most important parts of the book in the movie, though the smaller, more insignificant pieces were left out. Hardwicke did add some new ones of her own that took their place, which turned out to be great, but I still would've preferred to have seen those insignificant pieces instead of the new ones. But hey, that's how the entertainment industry is—you just can't have everything you want. You also have to add in extra things here and there to really sell your product. It's a little disappointing, but understandable.

That said, I have to give Hardwicke major credit for bringing Twilight to life so nicely. She treated author Stephenie Meyer's work cautiously, making sure to protect the dignity of it while transforming words into a visual. If I had to do what she did, I wouldn't know where to start, so kudos to her for her effort.

From the set, to the actors and actresses, everything and everyone looked exactly the way I think most of us pictured things to look as we read the book, which was pretty cool. You could even say that some aspects surpassed our expectations—some of the sets were really lovely, and the actors! Sigh. Robert Pattinson, in my opinion, is the perfect brooding Edward Cullen, and Taylor Lautner portrays a dreamy Jacob Black. I noticed mainly with the younger actors/actresses that the acting seemed a bit cheesy at times, but throughout the series, I think we'll see growth in that area.

Overall, Twilight was a decent movie worth watching, though I think some viewers might find it difficult to follow the story without reading the book beforehand. Having read the book myself, I found it easy to follow, but I couldn't help but wonder if those who haven't would understand what's going on. Nonetheless, Twilight is still a great "chick flick," if you will, that many of ladies love so much, with the added element of action scenes, which the guys will love. It has something for everyone!

In Closing

So, that's my say on Twilight. It's now out on DVD, and the sequel, New Moon, is coming to theaters this fall. Chris Weitz is directing this time around, which could be either a good thing, or a bad thing—different directors produce different results. I have to say that after seeing the trailer for the second film, I'm honestly a little leery about how it will be received. I don't like to judge things prematurely, but I'm just not sure. Only time will tell, right?

I recommend watching Twilight, and judging for yourself what you think. Fans of the book will always have the book regardless of whether or not they like the movie.