There are several different Twilight Barbie dolls for sale that will please any fan of the series. Barbie collectors may also be interested, but should consider each one carefully before jumping in. The Twilight Barbie doll line started with Bella, Edward, and Jacob. In September 2010, Alice and Victoria were added. These are real Mattel Barbie dolls and are part of their Pink Label Collection.

Twilight Bella Barbie Doll

These all come in fairly nice packaging with the forest backdrop. Because of this some collectors choose to leave them in their packaging to preserve their value. Others will want to take out their dolls to play with them or display them how they choose. These Twilight Barbie dolls cost anywhere from $15-$25, depending on where you buy them and which one you pick.

Bella Swan Barbie Doll

The most popular one is sure to be Bella Swan, the protagonist of the series. The Bella Barbie doll is quite pretty. She's wearing blue canvas shoes, a pair of jeans, and a jean jacket. She has long brown hair. Her head moves and her knees bend. Her arms don't bend. While this is a nice doll, it looks more like a Barbie than it does the character of Bella. Because of that, some fans might be disappointed and her lack of uniqueness makes her less appealing to collectors.

Even though the Twilight Bella Barbie doll isn't perfect, a lot of fans will want to have her. This is especially true of fans who will want to collect all of the characters in this series. This is also a good doll to give to children who are too young to read the books but want to share in their older sister's or mom's obsession.

Edward Cullen Barbie Doll

While Bella is popular, several fans are more interested in the Twilight Edward Barbie doll. He is very unique looking for a Ken doll. He has pale skin that sparkles with just the right amount of glitter. His hair is a reddish brown and his eyes are golden. He is wearing dark shoes, dark pants, a blue shirt, and a gray jacket. This is a great gift for anyone who has dreamed of having an Edward of their own.

Jacob Black Barbie Doll

Anyone who prefers Jacob over Edward will be quite pleased with the Twilight Jacob Barbie doll. He is wearing a pair of sneakers and cutoff jean shorts. Jacob is wearing no shirt so he can show off his chest and muscular abs. There is a tattoo on his arm. Most fans should be happy with this representation. His lack of clothing might make him a bit boring for younger children, so stick with Edward if you are looking for a Twilight Ken doll to give to a child.

Alice Cullen Barbie Doll

One of the newer Twilight Barbie dolls is Alice Cullens, the adopted sister of Edward. Like him, she has pale skin and golden eyes. She is also far less generic looking than Bella, which will make her popular not only with fans of the series but also with Barbie collectors. She has short black hair and is wearing stylish clothes. She has on dark shoes, dark pants, a white ruffle top with a choker, and a vest.

Twilight Victoria Barbie Doll

The final doll in this collection is Victoria. The Twilight Victoria Barbie doll is the coolest looking one of the bunch. So even though she isn't a hero, she'll be a treasured part of anyone's collection. She is a vampire, so she has the pale skin, golden eyes, and long lashes. She also has curly fiery red hair that falls past her shoulders. Her outfit is also cooler than the other characters, so even people who aren't familiar with the story can have fun playing with her or keeping her on display. Her outfit consists of a dark blue top and light colored vest, blue pants,and black boots. She also has a nice and long brown jacket with a green collar and a green flair by the wrists.

Twilight Barbie Dolls for Sale

The Twilight Barbie dolls are great gifts for any fan of Twilight. Fans of the series will also enjoy giving these as gifts to the younger girls in their lives as a way of introducing them to the characters. Barbie doll collectors who are looking for someone unique should pass on Bella if they aren't fans of the series, but might enjoy adding Alice or Victoria to their collection.

You can buy these Twilight Barbie dolls wherever Barbies are sold. If you are planning on giving this as a gift, especially during the holiday season, you should shop early to avoid finding them sold out. If you are looking for a specific doll or are hoping to collect all of them, you should shop online at a store such as Amazon.

If you care more about character accuracy than you do the Barbie name, you might want to look into dolls from other companies. The ones with the highest customer reviews are sold by Tonner. The Tonner Doll company has larger dolls that are 15" and 17" tall. They are well-liked but they do cost over $100. If that is out of your price range, stick with the ones made by Mattel.