If you have read all the Twilight books and seen the films, you may like to think about creating a Halloween costume that would depict one of the female characters.

The wonderful women that you could choose from include Bella Swan, the most central character, Victoria the vampire who is seeking to avenge the death of her lover, or you could choose to dress up as the sweet natured Alice Cullen, adopted sister of Edward.Alice Cullen Halloween costume

An Alice Cullen Halloween costume complete with the Alice Cullen choker necklace wouldn't take too much time to put together as she is mainly seen in contemporary clothing.

The Things You Will Need For The Perfect Alice Cullen Halloween Costume

The Face
As a vampire Alice's face is quite pale in complexion. There are several products you can choose to use in order to perfect this look. You could invest in some good quality stage makeup and buy the whitest powder that you can find. This sort of make up is made to last for ages so once you put it on, it will stay put until you are ready to remove it with some make up remover.

Alternatively you could go for the budget conscious option and get some white talc powder. Make sure to get the non-perfumed variety and dab it over your face until it is completely covered.

The HairAlice Cullen choker necklace
Alice has a very short and funky hairstyle. If you already have short hair, you will simply need to take a look at some pictures and use hair gel to create the little flicks that she has got going for her.

If you happen to have long hair but are not willing to sacrifice those locks, then a great wig is a wonderful alternative. This is also a really fun way to complete transform your appearance.

The Clothes
The clothing that Alice wears in the movies is very fashionable and quirky just like her personality. One look that you could consider is what she wore in the very first Twilight movie. It was a grey fitted waistcoat over a white shirt with a pair of gray figure hugging jeans.

Another look you could choose is the cute dress that she wore to Bella's birthday party.

The Accessories – Alice Cullen Choker Necklace
There is one item of jewelry that every Alice Cullen fan should know and should own, the choker necklace. Alice is seen wearing this delicate little necklace on many occasions. It is made of a velvet fabric and crosses over in front. It is held in place with a small jewel that is embossed with the Cullen family crest.