If you are a fan of the Twilight Saga, both films and books, then you may be thinking about creating a Halloween costume based on one of the characters, in particular Bella Swan. She is the central character throughout and her look is fairly easy to put together.Bella Swan Halloween Costume

The other people from the Twilight collection that you could choose to dress up as include Alice Cullen and Victoria the vampire. If you have a partner, you could persuade them to maybe dress up as Edward Cullen or even Jacob Black.

A Bella Swan Halloween Costume can be based on a couple of the looks that she has in the movie. You can choose the casual look of jeans and a sweater or you can opt for the prom style dress that she wore in the first Twilight film.

The Things You Will Need For The Perfect Bella Swan Halloween Costume

The Face
Bella is pale in complexion. She doesn't have any particularly distinctive facial features. All you would need to do is to make sure that whatever make up you choose to wear, that it is very subtle. You would only want to use the tiniest amount of blusher on your cheeks to give you that slightly flushed look. A pale lipstick or lip gloss is all you need to put on your lips to provide the luscious pout that she has got going for her.

The Hair
Bella has very dark hair. If you are lucky enough to be born with straight brown hair then all you need to do is to brush it straight so that it hangs around your shoulders. If you do not have brown hair, then it would be a really good idea to invest in a wig.

You can get some really good quality wigs and they can be fun to wear.

The Clothes
If you like to prom style look then you have to get the right dress. Bella isn't a particularly feminine girl. By this I mean that she doesn't really like to wear dresses or do the whole big hair, big heels thing.

In the first film she wore a bright blue ruffled dress with a cute cardigan. Alternatively you can choose to get the cute dress that she wore for her birthday celebration in the second movie, New Moon. This is something that Bella Swan Engagement Ringwould be easy to replicate.
Get the right dress and then team it will a pair of converse or similar shoes.

The Accessories – Bella Swan Jewelry
The one thing that every Bella Swan costume needs in order to be complete is a replica of the engagement ring that Edward presents to her. There are quite a few to choose from and you can shop online to pick the one you like the best.