If you are a big fan of all things Twilight, you may like to dress up as one of the characters from the books and movies. One really simple costume that you could consider from the Twilight movies is an Edward Cullen Halloween costume. Edward Cullen Halloween Costume

Other characters from the Twilight collection of books and films that would make great Halloween costumes include Alice Cullen, Bella Swan and of course Jacob Black.

Now Edward is the rather dashing main man of the story who falls in love with Bella Swan, the human. It will not take too much effort to get the Edward Cullen costume look together and even though he is a vampire, this is definitely not your typical fangs and blood look.

The Things You Will Need For The Perfect Edward Cullen Halloween Costume

The Face

As Edward is a vampire, he is very pale so most people will need to do something in order that their complexion is suitably pallid. This is a very simple task to achieve. All you need to do is invest in some white makeup powder. This can be found at your local department store. This is the best way to achieve the look if you know that you have particularly sensitive skin and you want to ensure that the whole look will last until your evening is over. Alternatively you could buy a tube of baby powder and dab that all over your face. It would be best if you picked a brand that is not perfumed unless you don't mind smelling like a baby's bottom.

The HairEdward Cullen Wristcuff

Edward has gorgeous hair. Now depending on what light there is available, it can look brown or it sometimes looks like it has a hint of auburn in it. If you have this kind of hair already then all you will need to do is to get some hair gel, and run your fingers through your hair so that it is has that rough and ready look and feel to it.

If you would prefer, you could also buy an Edward Cullen Twilight wig. That way, you don't have to worry about your own hair. Just order a pre styled version and away you go.

The Clothes

The clothing that Edward wears is fairly casual and very contemporary. He is usually seen in clothes that are muted in colour. The whole ensemble will consist of a pair of jeans, a gray or blue t-shirt and really battered looking boots. Edward also wears a gray jacket and this would be great for an outdoor event.

The Accessories – The Wrist Cuff

There are a few bits and pieces of jewellery that Edwards wears. One thing is his wristband. This is made from leather and it has the image of the Cullen crest embossed on the front of it. To wear this wristband or wrist cuff, whatever you would like to call it, you simply need to tie it on in place with the lace string that is attached.