If you are a fan of the Twilight films and books and are considering which of the different characters you could dress up as for your Halloween party, then you may like to consider dressing as Jacob BlacJacob Black Halloween costumek.

Other characters from the Twilight collection of films and books that guys could choose include Edward Cullen, Dr Carlisle Cullen or even Bella Swan's dad.

The Things You Will Need For The Perfect Jacob Black Halloween Costume

The Hair
In the first Twilight movie, the character of Jacob had long flowing locks. This is a look that you could choose to go for. All you need to do is to purchase a black coloured long haired wig. This is the sort of thing that is easy to find in a fancy dress shop or to order from online stores. You might even be able to raid your sister or your mother's closet for an appropriate wig.

If you prefer how Jacob looks in the more recent movies, then you either need to slick your own short hair back or buy a short hair wig. Again this is something that should be relatively easy to buy either at the mall or on the internet.

The Body
The character of Jacob was just like your average teenager. However once he transformed into a wolf, his human body also changed shape dramatically. He is completely buff and now sports a fantastic set of ripped muscles.

If you are lucky enough to have a similar physic, you will simply need to slip off your shirt, and oil up your body with some moisturizing lotion to help give your muscles even more definition.

If you are someone who hasn't spent that much time in the gym then the alternative solution to getting this body shape is to buy a fun muscle costume. You can choose to buy a half body costume which features the upper torso or you could go for the complete body suit. Take a look at what is available and what you feel would be more fun.

Don't forget the tattoo that he has emblazon on the top of his arm. You can find temporary tattoos that will look just as good, well for the duration of your party anyway.

The Clothes
Jacob is now a shape shifter and this means that his body temperature runs pretty high. As a consequence this means that he doesn't need to wear much clothing. Something you could choose to wear if you don't want to with the half naked look is to get yourself a black t-shirt and a pair of cut off jeans. Add a pair of running shoes and that's your costume complete.

The Accessories
As Jacob is part wolf, you could also choose to wear certain pieces that represent this part of his anatomy and DNA. You could opt for a pair of werewolf feet that are covered with hair and have gnarly looking claws at the end of them. You could also try out a pair of wolf arms.

The most important thing with this and with any Halloween fancy dress costume is to just have fun with it.