The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the book written by Stephenie Meyer, and movie directed by David Slade, has become extremely popular. Its domestic total gross was $300,531,751. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has many elements that compromise Christian Beliefs and morals, but despite all of the bad things in this movie, Christians still obsess over the movies and cover their doors with Twilight posters. The Catholic News Service praises Twilight and the star vampire, Edward, and says that “the movie is acceptable for older teens,” and the “Christian Stay At Home Mom” website talks about how great the movie is and says “All in all, I give this movie a 3 out of 4 stars because I thought it was a great movie!” Christians obviously aren’t looking deep enough into The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  Many components in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse compromise Christian beliefs, views, and morals, and portray them as “old fashioned” and unneeded.     

There are many elements in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse that compromise Christian beliefs, most of which are why the movie is so popular. First of all, the thought of being in a forbidden relationship is very appealing to most girls – it adds excitement and makes them feel like they are doing it for the sake of “love” which must be more important than their parent’s opinions about the relationship. This is completely against what Christians believe about romantic relationships. Christian teenagers are supposed to take the advice of their parents and obey them, because they have more experience with these things, and are usually wiser. Another element of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse that goes against Christians beliefs is the fact that Bella really wants to have sex with Edward. In fact, the only thing that keeps her a virgin is Edward – whose belief of “marriage before sex” is painted as “old fashioned”.  Ben McEachen, a writer for Fervr, states “Despite his hip clothes and haircut, Edward was born in 1901 and has been a vampire since 1918. As such, he’s an old-school gent who remembers how previous generations used to uphold sexual purity – even if they weren’t practicing Christians. This ‘no sex before marriage’ stance clearly befuddles Bella, who is keen to ignore Edward’s virtuous approach and get down to what mainstream society considers normal for teens these days.” If Christian girls take Bella as their role models, they would most likely not be as lucky as Bella in having a boyfriend who cares about their virginity and would end up doing things that they would regret. These are just three of many elements in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse that compromise Christian views.

            Each Character in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse plays a role in the worlds beliefs. Edward Cullen, a blood thirsty vampire born in the 1900’s, plays the part of Christian views. He is stuck on the idea that marriage is needed before sex, and even refuses to have sex with his lover, Bella, which she calls “old fashioned”. Edward also does not want Bella to become a vampire, because he does not want her to lose her soul, whereas Bella is ready to throw it away with almost no thought so long as she will get to be with her beloved Edward. The still-human-werewolf who goes most of the movie with his shirt off, Jacob, plays the role of temptation. He is very forward with his love for Bella, and even kisses her without her permission. He almost always isn’t wearing a shirt, and is rather muscular, which would tempt almost any girl into wanting to be in a close relationship with him. He also “has” to cuddle with Bella, while, of course, his shirt is off. This happens while Edward, Bella’s fiancé at this point, is in the same room. Jacob also carries Bella (while his shirt is still off) through the forest a few times to “hide her scent”. Bella plays the role of the modern teenager who wants a romantic, sexually satisfying, and long-lasting relationship with a “hot” guy, and does not think about consequences. She throws herself at Edward two or three times throughout the movie, hoping he will forget about his marriage before sex philosophy, which he does not, and voices her opinion about marriage – which is that, in her opinion, it is silly and unneeded. However, she still does get engaged with Edward. Romantic relationships are everything to Bella. In fact, the entire movie is about a love triangle with her in the center, which she seems to like. Even though, at this point in the movie, she is engaged with Edward, she not only kisses Jacob, but asks him to kiss her. Bella is also willing to throw away her soul for eternity if it means that she can be with Edward forever. Bella never listens to the advice of her father about being too close with Edward, or with any other matter. These three characters who play these roles add another element to the movie, as if to see which view will come out on top, which no one fully does.

            Not only do the three main characters play the roles of different views, but each race plays a different role. The vampires are like gods. They are mythical creatures who each have powers of strength, agility, of course the blood thirsty teeth, and more. Some of the vampires even have special powers, such as Edward’s ability to hear thoughts, and Alice’s (another vampire) ability to see the future. Also, vampires are immortal. The vampires are painted as the controlling force in this movie. The werewolves are portrayed as “super humans”. The werewolves are humans who have the ability to turn into wolves. They are not immortal, and cannot control themselves well when they are in wolf form. But they are very powerful, have a wonderful sense of smell and hearing, and are huge. The fact that they are still people is a huge factor in the movie, because in Bella’s choosing between Edward and Jacob, the fact that Jacob is still human influences her decision making. People in this movie are shown as just that – people. But without them, vampires and werewolves would not look as cool, and the fact that Jacob and Edward are both fighting for Bella’s love would not be as important and unreal. It also changes things for Bella in deciding if she wants to be a vampire or not, because after all, vampires are like gods.

            The Twilight Saga: Eclipse does not have an original storyline. This movie is based upon a love triangle between Edward, Jacob, and Bella, with Bella in the center. The idea of having two good looking, powerful men fighting over a girl makes most of the girls who watch this movie want to be that girl. But the idea that “love” is all about the drama that goes with it isn’t what Christians believe at all, yet many Christians still love this movie. This main plot of a love triangle is used in many other movies as well, such as Phantom of the Opera, While You Were Sleeping, High School Musical, Titanic, and many more. The only difference between The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and these movies is that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is modern, has a mysterious feel to it, and has werewolves and vampires. Just because this idea was done once, does not mean it should be done again.

            The question of “is marriage needed for sex?” is asked throughout this whole movie. Bella Swan, who is head over heels for Edward Cullen, and also in love with Jacob, asks Edward to have sex with her multiple times in the movie.  But Edward insists that this is wrong, and states that he will not hurt Bella’s virginity, and will only have sex with her if and after they are married. Bella blames this standard on the fact that Edward was born in the 1900’s, and then, having sex before marriage was seen as horrifying. She even calls him “old fashioned” when talking with her father about sex. Edward and Bella do get engaged, and are never shown having sex. It is insinuated, though, that if Bella were in a relationship with Jacob, then he would not be like Edward in believing marriage was needed for sex. Pluggedin online, a Christian movie review website, states “If Edward represents a purer, more idealized form of love in Eclipse, then Jacob personifies a more animalistic passion. ‘Let's face it,’ Jacob tells Edward as he snuggles next to Bella (again shirtless) in order to keep her from freezing to death, "I am hotter than you." He jokingly suggests that she take off her clothes (so she can warm up faster) and forces a kiss on her—for which he receives a punch in the face. Bella later asks him to kiss her, and he does.” The fact that there is never any sex taking place, or being insinuated that it is, is a rather surprising and welcoming part of this movie.

            One thing that is very influential in getting girls to be fans of this movie is Bella – they have to be able to see themselves as her. Bella isn’t shown as very pretty in this movie, she looks as if she isn’t wearing much, if any, make up, always has her hair down (not styled in any way), and is dressed in muted colors, which are mainly jeans and a plain shirt. If any girl were asked if they thought they were completely beautiful and had any flaws in their appearance, they would all say that there is something they don’t like about how they look, if not saying that they didn’t like how they looked at all. To have Bella as a “plain” girl was very smart, because many girls think they can relate to her. Bella is also very modern when it comes to her morals, and family life. The modern fad, when it comes to morals, is that sex before marriage isn’t only okay – it’s great and fun, which does not follow Christian beliefs. Bella kisses Edward a lot, and even kisses Jacob when she is engaged to Edward. She also tries to have sex with Edward throughout the movie. Her family life isn’t the greatest in the world. Her parents are divorced, she does not have much contact with her mother anymore, and her relationship with her father isn’t a good one. Her father disagrees with many of the things she does, including her choice in men, but she does not respect him enough to take his advice. Many families these days are like Bella’s, the parents are divorced, and the relationships between parents and children aren’t very good. Many girls can relate to Bella, which makes the movie even more popular, and makes girls buy the twilight merchandise, because Bella’s likeness to them makes it possible for them to fantasize about vampires and werewolves.

            The Twilight Saga: Eclipse compromises many Christian beliefs, views, and morals, and portrays them as “old fashioned” and unneeded. Not only are the “big” views of Christians compromised, such as sex before marriage, listening and obeying ones parents, and protecting ones soul, but also smaller ones such as staying true to one relationship, not lying, and looking for guidance in one’s life. If Christians were more careful about what they surrounded themselves with, and looked carefully at things such as this movie before diving head-over-heels for it, then Christian morals, views, and beliefs would not be seen as often as “old fashioned”.