The latest installment in the popular Twilight series, New Moon is all set to arrive to movie theaters on November 20, 2009. It's sure to be a top draw at the box office as fans will line up for blocks in anticipation of checking out this sequel to the first Twilight movie about the love between a human and a vampire. In the second installment, Bella and Edward are back again, as are the rest of the Cullen family, and Bella's friend Jacob Black.

In the first movie, Twilight, fans learned about the love story involving Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, was a girl who ended up moving to another town to stay with her father, and attend the local high school. While there, she met a peculiar boy named Edward Cullen. She became intrigued by his strange nature, and continuously tried to get to know about him. She eventually learned quite a bit, including the fact that Edward is actually a vampire who feasts on the blood of animals, and sometimes humans. The two teens fell in love, but ended up part of a dangerous game of cat and mouse, as another group of vampires discovered Bella. One vampire in particular decided to pursue Bella in the attempt to drink her blood. Luckily, for Bella, Edward was there to save her from untimely demise, and she ended up hospitalized for injuries. Their love story continues, as the movie ended with an interesting scene previewing things to come.

In Twilight: New Moon, fans will see more of the love story continue to unfold as it involves Bella and Edward. In the start of this movie, the Cullen family will be throwing an eighteenth birthday party for Bella. She accidentally gets a paper cut and some of her blood spills from her finger. This causes one of the Cullen vampires to instinctively leap at her as it wants to drain her blood. Once again, Edward is there to protect and save Bella from demise. Later after the incident occurs, Edward decides he must go away and Bella needs to stay somewhere out of harm's way. She is comforted and protected by the other guy who seemed to have a crush on her in Twilight, Jacob. As the story unfolds, it's learned that Jacob has the ability to transform into a werewolf, as he springs into action to save Bella. It all eventually leads to Bella still longing for Edward, and an intriguing love triangle develops which could put all of them at risk.

This romance-fantasy film is destined to be a huge hit once it's out in theaters. The Twilight New Moon movie could possibly be the top grossing movie of 2009, depending on how many fans decide to rush out and see it. It will definitely be the top seller for the weekend of November 20, 2009. Fans will do best to consult online sites and their local theaters to find out the exact New Moon showtimes so they can get their tickets.