New Moon is the second book in the hugely popular Twilight series. It's a fantasy romance novel written by the author Stephanie Meyer. The new moon of the lunar cycle represents a very dark episode in the young heroine Bella's life. On Bella's 18th birthday she's thrown a party her family and by Edward Cullen her undead lover. Her finger is cut. The blood's scent overwelms Jasper, Edward's adoptive brother and he attempts killing Bella.

Edward once again saves his love and this begins a blood feud among the immortals and eventually the wolf pack. Edward ends the relationship in a vain attempt to save Bella, his love.

Alone during the following months Bella, bored, becomes a thrill junkie and begins to hear Edward's voice in her mind. Lonely she seeks a relationship with Jacob Black a member of the wolf pack. His youthful energy and sense of fun is a stark contrast to Edward's dark and arche pallor. Jacob in his growing attraction, protects young Bella from the gathering storm of vampires Laurent and Victoria. Victoria seeks revenge for her dead lover James, killed by the Cullens in the previous installment.

Some unfortunate misunderstandings leads Edward to believe bella commited suicide. Edward blaming himself grows bold, provoking vampire royalty ensconced in Italy to destroy him. The Volturi of Italy inform Edward, bella must be killed or "turned". Of course he chooses the latter. Once he returns to Forks they are renunited and we are left with a wonderful cliffhanger. The next chapter should begin with a wedding for the immortal Edward and his betroved Bella.

Many new actors are joining the francise including Dakota Fanning who will be playing the evil vampire Jane. This will be a very different kind of role for the young actress. Also joining the cast, the brilliant Michael Sheen of last years critically acclaimed Frost Nixon. Cameron Bright who made such an impression in the film Birth will also be rounding out the cast.

The band Death Cab For Cutie landed the top spot of the New moon sountrack with their song Meet me on the Equinox.

It is rumored The couple Robert Patinson and Kristen Stewart got a huge bump in salary for the sequel. They each earned 2 million for Twilight and will receive 12 million a piece for New Moon. They also will receive a percentage of the profits for subsequent sequels.

The film will be released November 20th 2009.