Twilight TeethMy local indoor tanning salon had Twilight Teeth on display for sale. They sold it over priced at $39.99 but the girl at the front desk swore that it worked awesome. I overheard her telling another client that a member used it just a handful of times and had amazing results with the UV tanning bed teeth whitener.

I went to Ebay to buy mine and got it for much cheaper. Twilight Teeth runs for just around or under $20 after shipping at Ebay. I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The Teeth whitener did what it claimed and the results were better and faster then I expected.

Twilight Teeth Whitening System

In a small little blue box, the twilight teeth product comes with Carbamide Peroxide gel that has a wintergreen minty taste to it and a mouth piece. It whitens teeth on a tanning bed because the heat and UV light from the tan bed activates the chemicals of the carbamide Peroxide gel which work to pull out deep stains within the teeth to whiten them.

The twilight teeth mouth piece is a bit awkward when placed in the mouth. If you are doing a standing tan expect that drool is just going to flow out of your mouth, or prepare to continue to swallow. Laying down in the tan bed it's easier to use. I prefer to use a medium pressure 12 minute bed so it's no big deal.

Twilight Teeth Results

I was a long time smoker and also drank coffee on a regular basis. I did the Twilight Teeth System a few weeks ago and noticed some positive results on the first use. I ended up using it for 5 sessions over the course of two weeks and the results are fantastic. I have plenty of gel left to be able to repeat the process when I want to later on down the road.