Twilight Turtle


Cost isn't bad at all, around 30 to 40 bucks new and easy to find. Serves more than one function, it's a sleep aid, educational, and it's cool just to pretend with. Completely portable, so it can be taken along on trips and to Grandma's.


It does require batteries, 3 AAA. However, it does have a timer that allows the product to shut down after 45 minutes and should come with one set of batteries.

Full Review

Twilight Turtle might just look like an ordinary turtle, with his soft body and hard shell. There is nothing ordinary about this unique critter by Cloud B. This award winning sleep aid for children is perfect for all ages, maybe even adults as well

The Twilight Turtle projects an illusion of a star light sky onto the ceiling and walls, helping children conquer the fear of darkness and drift to sleep. Not only is the projection of a starry sky soothing, the turtle is self is relaxing as he seems to be so comfortably sleeping himself.

Available in three different styles

The original Twilight Turtle has a light green plush body and a typical tortoise colored shell. It includes a star guide, and even has actual constellations that turns this night time pal into an educational adventure as well. It projects three soft, relaxing colors: soothing blue, green, and soft amber. He will even will pant a moon right on the bedroom wall.

The Twilight Sea Turtle has a darker green plush body with a blue with black outline shell. It also projects stars and a moon. However, this sleep aid is also equipped with an extra educational lesson. There are 5 buttons, each one representing an endanger specious. The blue whale, knysna sea horse, leatherback turtle, vaquita dolphin, and California sea otter. Also projects three soft colors: ocean blue, emerald green, aquamarine

The other Twilight Turtle, well is not a so much a turtle but a ladybug. The Twilight Ladybug has a more feminine look for the girly, girls. Black plush body with a red and black shell. Capable of producing three different colors: sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby red. Works similar to the original Twilight Turtle.

This award winning turtle aids in relaxing and comforting a child before falling asleep. Used by many parents to help children get into a sleep routine. These are turning a bedrooms into a private planetarium.

In Closing

Overall this product is exceptional and a good buy. It's not cheap, it's not over priced, just midrange. Not many items are so useful with different purposes and will work with such a wide age range. Personally, I like it myself and would recommend it to adults as well