As students hit campus and the books for the fall season you may notice many signs of the popularity of the Twilight movie saga. Twilight backpacks with attached Twilight charms, Twilight hoodies and T-shirts, and of course Twilight jewelry adorns students across the country. As each movie is released companies release increasingly creative jewelry items for Twilight fans.

The Wolf theme is popular among Twilight in to see us. A particular wolf charm bears a striking resemblance to Jacob in his Wolf state. Of course it wouldn't harm makes this particular war werewolf looked downright cuddly. Wolf charms also come in silver, attached to a charm bracelet, or is part of the necklace. Indeed, Wolf jewelry has long been popular in Twilight gives us yet another reason to adorn ourselves with Wolf symbolism.

Campus coeds may also choose to root for the home team, that is Fork High School, in their jewelry. Students at Middle High School, Seaside High School, or Sequoia High School may find themselves with a charm that states "FHS." Why support your own high school when you can show school spirit for fictitious school in the Pacific Northwest? Indeed, you can find an "FHS" charm for just such an occasion.

Twilight charms include references to the forests of the Pacific Northwest, including a Sequoia tree, a tent, a freewheeling motorbike, an old jalopy truck (reminiscent of Jacob's truck). These charms are a great way to remember the beautiful north west scenes in the movie. You may even find references to the honeymoon of Edward and Bella. You can buy a charm that represents their honeymoon location and you can even buy a charm depicting their baby.

One of the most popular items in Twilight jewelry is the representation of Bella's engagement ring and her wedding ring. Both have old time charm with a retro look, but with costume jewelry prices. You can find Bella's rings in silver and in a gold finish. The rings show well on the finger and will not bust anyone's wallets. They certainly are a great addition to back-to-school attire.