The Twilight series tells the story of Isabella Swan - a teenage girl who moves to a small town to live with her father and meets and falls in love with Edward Cullen – an attractive vampire.  

 I am going to admit that I am nearly 30 and I read all 4 books in 4 days. AND when I finished the last one, I immediately picked up the first one again and started re-reading them. I am not the only one of my friends who fell in love with them and it got me thinking as to WHY adult women would feel any sort of connection with a book that is aimed at teenagers.

 I believe the reason is twofold. Firstly Edward represents the perfect man and the romantic ideal that most of us aspire to.  Edward is a good looking, 100% committed to Bella, treats her like a queen, protects her but is still extremely masculine, dangerous and unpredictable.  Women are notoriously complicated creatures and very often totally contradictory. Edward fits the description to a T. He is the ultimate combination of bad boy and gentlemen.

Bella also has a best friend - Jacob who happens to be muscular and gorgeous (and changes into a wolf!) who is in love with her as well. What woman wouldn’t want to be fought over by 2 men?

Added to this is that it’s a story that enables women to feel young again. There is something so special about your first love. The innocence and purity of it. Who wouldn’t want to be reminded of a time when life was simpler? When you weren’t worrying about pay checks and wrinkles? When life was governed by hormones and emotions and you could afford to be selfish.

 Twilight is pure escapism. I don’t usually enjoy stories about vampires. But this was so much more than that for me. It was a love story about two young people who meet, get to know each other and fall madly in love despite all the barriers and the craziness that is going on around them.

 I would highly recommend this series to any female regardless of her age because the beauty of falling in love for the first time can and should be appreciated at any stage of life.