The number of bicycle riders in Twin Falls is very low compared to other areas of the country. We do have a culture of bicycles. Not a culture of bike riders like New York bike messengers or San Francis fixie riders. Not even a culture of kids riding BMX bikes. The bicycle culture in Twin falls Idaho is one of misinformation.

When people see a person on a bicycle in Twin Falls they generally fall into one of the following categories

  • Kids
  • Homeless Men
  • Drug and Alcohol offenders who have lost their drivers license
  • Quirky Senior Citizens
  • Refugees

In many small towns in the United States you will have like minded people banding together because of a commonality, the bicycle. Kids who like to race BMX bikes are more apt to hang out with other kids who also like to race BMX bikes. Spandex clad road bikers hang out with other road bikers. The mountain bikers congregate and help develop some urban single track. In Twin Falls there is not much of a biking culture.

There is a small roadies club and some other people interest in bicycling who hang out with each other but for the most part Twin Falls Bicyclists are not recreational riders. The kids are the exception. Many kids ride bikes for fun but the vast majority of bike riders in Twin Falls are using the bicycle as transportation. People who have lost their drivers license, refugees, seniors who had their drives license revoked and homeless male bike riders are what make sup the Twin Falls bicycling culture.

Twin Falls bicycle culture is that of the loner. The "Lone Wolf" rider. Most riders are solo riders on a mission. The riders mission may be the grocery store, work, or the Red Box outside of Walgreen. The Twin Falls Biker as a whole are not out riding there bike for fun. They using the bicycle as a means of transportation to get from one pint to another to accomplish essential life needs such as food and work.

This is not to say that these riders do not have fun while using their bicycles simply as a means of transportation. Many times these riders will have fun while riding their bikes. Other times the bicycle is no fun. If it is 15 degrees outside and windy as heck and you need to get up early to ride your bicycle into work then you will probably not enjoy your bicycle ride. You are simply using your bicycle as an essential tool to complete your daily tasks of getting to work, grocery shopping, and any other errands you may need to run.

The people who ride the most in Twin Falls are kids and those who use the bicycle as a means of transportation. None of these classes of riders are the types who will show up to a Twin Falls Bicycle Safety committee meeting. Those who will be at the meetings mean well, but do not fully understand how to properly ride there bike in Twin Falls.

There is a difference between the guy who rides recreationally in his spandex and the homeless guy on a bicycle who is towing a trailer and dodging drunk drivers by riding on the sidewalk.