Twin Falls Idaho has a lot to offer. From the Evel Knievel jump site, BASE jumping and Shoshone Falls which is taller than Niagra Falls.

In 1974 Evel Knievel attempted his famous Snake River Canyon jump in Twin Falls Idaho. Today if you stand on the Perrine Bridge and look east you can still see the huge dirt mound that is the remnant of the famous jump.

If you missed the Evel Knievel River Jump don't worry because Twin Falls has many new jumpers coming in. These jumpers are not jumping the canyon but jumping into the canyon. Twin Falls Idaho is a world famous destination for BASE jumpers from around the world. The Perrine bridge that gaps the canyon is the only bridge in the world where it is legal to BASE jump year round with no permit.

During the summer, especially on a warm week end day it is not uncommon to see BASE jumpers throwing themselves over the edge of the Perrine Bridge and then yanking their parachute open. They attempt to glide over the river and land on the south bank of the Snake river. Usually they make it but their has been some injuries and a few deaths. When standing on the bridge and peering down the 486 feet to the water may seem very far but BASE jumpers have to react with split precision timing. One mistake and they could find themselves severely injured or even the prospect of death.

Perrin Bridge Base JumperEach year Twin Falls hosts a BASE jumping festival and their is also a BASE jumping school located in Twin Falls for experienced Parachuters who are looking to learn the sport of BASE jumping.

Mark Felt, the "Deep Throat" informant with the Watergate scandal that led to President Nixons resignation, was born in Twin Falls Idaho. Mark Felt Graduated from Twin Falls High School in 1931. In 1971 J. Edgar Hoover appointed Mark Felt to Deputy Associate Director. He was then the 3rd highest ranking person in the FBI.

Nikki Sixx, most famous for his band Motley Crue, moved in with his grandparents in Twin Falls Idaho when he was a young boy. When Nikki Sixx lived in Twin Falls he turned on the radio one day and heard a song by Jimmy Dean. Thats was the moment that inspired him to be a musician later in life.

Speaking of music, you remember that old song that was released in 1968 called "young girl"? The lyrics are " young girl, My love for you is way out of line, you better run, girl, you're much too young, girl," Now you remember it! Well that was sung by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Gary Puckett is also a graduate of Twin Falls High School.

Talk Radio is popualr in Twin Falls Idaho and for good reason. The first ever live call in radio show ever was in Twin Falls Idaho.

Shoshone Falls locate din Twin Falls Idaho is a spectacular Waterfall. Well it's spectacular when the water is running high. Shoshone Falls is called the "Niagra Of The West". In reality they should call Niagra Falls the SHoshone Of The East because Shoshone Falls is actually TALLER than Niagra Falls.

The first jail was a cave. The state of Idaho eventually told the Sherriff that they could no longer house inmates in a cave. The cave is still there and open to the public. There is no markers indicating what it once was and its real small but its right along the walking path in Rock Creek Canyon. Every summer hundreds of locals pass right by it and do not realize the historical significance of that little cave.

Twin Falls Idaho even has a prominet spot in the Video Game world with the game "Resistance 2", The main characters are shot down in Twin Falls and a stage of the Video Game revolves around Twin Falls.

One of the first known female serial killers was a Twin Falls woman. Lydia Southard was 10 years old when she arrived with her family to Twin Falls Idaho. Later in life she murdered multiple husbands with arsenic.

Idaho may be famous for its Potatoes but not too far from Twin Falls is the Hagerman Valley and some of the best tasting watermelons in the world. Also near Twin Falls Idaho is Buhl Idaho. Buhl Idaho bills it's self as the trout capitol of the world.

There's alot of history in Twin Falls Idaho and there is also many things to do. If you like to golf there is a gorgeous golf course located down in the canyon. When you get done golfing head west and you can take a tour of the City Sewer Processing. If that does not pique your families interests then head east and there is one of the best dang fishing spots in all of the world.

If you like swimming also check out Dierkes Lake. Located near Shoshone falls,You can swim, fish, and even rock climb. I prefer too just Barbecue.

Twin Falls Idaho has a the Only NASCAR sanctioned track in Idaho. Each week varies but they have top level racing and also a couple of times each year they have the always popular trailer races. Racers tow a trailer around while they are racing. At the end of the race their is debris everywhere.

If you want to try your hand at racing then check out NAZZKART. NAZZKART offers gocart racing to general public. It is an indoor track and the the gocarts are fast. This is ot your run of the mill go karts.

There is the College Of Southern Idaho where you can watch the bull riding, championship volleyball, men and womens basketball, baseball, and womens softball.

The Ben Folds Five even has a song called "Twin Falls Idaho".

The best breakfast in Town according to many locals is "Norms Diner". 805 Main Ave West. After you eat breakfast you have many options. From backpacking, fishing, shopping, bicycling the Snake, golfing in the canyon or simply lounging around and watching the BASE jumpers. Theres always something to do in Twin Falls Idaho.