Do you think that you may be pregnant with twins? Well here are signs and symptoms for a twin pregnancy and how they are different from a single pregnancy.

You Get Bigger Faster

Since there are two babies in there you will gain more weight and expand much faster and to a much bigger size than you would with one alone. Don't feel like it is your fault though, close to 10 lbs can pack on during the first 3 months simply due to the increase of blood and the size of your uterus.

Your Uterus Measures Ahead in Weeks

When you visit your doctor or midwife they use a tape measure to check to see what your uterus is measuring at. If you are carrying twins you will start to see that measuring ahead than it would if you didn't have twins. However, be aware that this alone does not exclusively mean twins. It could also mean that you have a lot of amniotic fluid or that you are actually further along than you thought.

You Have to Put on Maternity Pants Sooner

Did your belly pop out faster than usual? It could be one of the most common twin pregnancy symptoms you will come across. Just be sure to keep in mind that you will usually show faster with a second pregnancy than you did with your first, even if there is just one baby in there.

Your Nausea is Multiplied

Unfortunately most women who are pregnant with twins experience an extra bad case of morning sickness as one of their twin pregnancy symptoms. This is due to the overwhelming production of hormones going on within.

You Can Hear Two Heartbeats

If you are really thin you may be able to hear the heartbeats as early as 10 weeks, but most often it will be around 13 weeks or so. Have your doctor check you out to see if he or she can spot a second heartbeat anywhere. This is one of the most reliable signs of a twin pregnancy.

You Are Way Too Tired

When you are pregnant with twins it takes a much bigger toll on your body than a singleton pregnancy. You are probably feeling too tired to do much. Since fatigue is relative, it is not a sure sign, but it can give you a clue.

Am I Pregnant with Twins?

Overall, if you are pregnant with twins you will have the same pregnancy symptoms that everyone else has in a single birth, except your symptoms will be much stronger. You will get almost a double dose of everything: nausea, water retention, hunger and more.