Twinlab Whey Protein Coupon

Twinlab Coupon Code

I purchase Twinlab Whey Protein Fuel through The shipping is usually free over $20 and they offer a $5 or $10 discount when you use the following Twinlab coupon code: Gig216

Twinlab Whey Protein Fuel Review
Overall, Twinlab offers a wide-range of good quality fitness products at a very reasonable price. I have purchased Twinlab's weight-gainer, protein powder, amino acids supplement, and other products. I have been satisfied with the results and can't complain about the price.

Whey Protein Taste
The Twinlab 100% Whey Protein Fuel comes in different flavors such as: Chocolate Surge, Vanilla Slam, Strawberry Smash, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Bannana, etc. From these flavors, Chocolate Surge was my hands-down favorite. The powder is fine with a nice aroma, it mixes easily and makes a delicious and smooth shake. It tastes great with milk, but even tastes pretty good with water. 

The only flavor that I wouldn't recommend is the Chocolate Bannana. It also mixed well and made a smooth shake, but it doesn't exactly taste like chocolate or bannana. So it was some what of a dissappointment.

Twinlab Protein Price
When comparing gram for gram of protein, Twinlab offers one of the lowest prices on the market. However, don't let this fool you into thinking it is inferior. Their products are good quality. They just appeal to the masses and are able to offer a lower price because of the amount of product they sell. They are not the best, high-end producer of protein powder, but then again, their products do the job and don't break your bank account.

Twinlab Whey Protein Nutritional Facts
On average, depending on which flavor you choose, you will receive a standard 25 grams of protein per serving, 2 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs, 1 gram of sugar, 140 calories, and a complete amount of amino acids that your muscles need to rebuild to get bigger and stronger.

Twinlab Whey Protein Cons
In total, this protein powder is delcious, smooth, and full of the proteins that you need to build muscle. One drawback to this particular protein powder is the amount of carbs at 5 grams. It's not a lot compared to some protein powders, but if you are preparing to enter a bodybuilding competition or if you're really trying to get cut-up, I would choose a protein powder with a lower amount of carbs during the 2 or 3 weeks prior to your competition.

However, if you are a regular weightlifter or bodybuilder who does not have a competition approaching, I would recommend this protein powder. This is one of the best protein powders available to build muscle with a quality product on a small budget.