Owing to the growing popularity of twitter among online users lots of services are emerging to offer paid tweeting. Some insert ads into tweets and pay per click or pay per sale while some pays for producing quality tweets. TwitPub is one of those online marketplaces where you can sell tweets to make money online with twitter.

How TwitPub Works?

This money making idea is based upon producing quality tweets in private twitter accounts and then selling them to other tweeters who want to follow your account as subscriber. You can set the price for monthly subscription to your private twitter account. It can be as low as $1 and as high as you want but it is advisable to set reasonable price so you can get more and more twitters followers as subscribers of your tweets. Tweeters and subscribers both can be benefited from this online marketplace particularly set for twitter followers.

TwitPub for Tweeters

TwitPub brings following benefits for tweeters.

1- Get paid for tweets you produce on any specific topic. You keep 80% share and TwitPub keeps 20%. So if you set monthly subscription at $2 then you get $1.60 per subscriber.

2- Thirty days trial period makes it easier to attract more and more twitter followers. Now it's up to your ability to produce quality tweets to keep them forever as your subscriber.

3- You don't need to search for subscribers for your tweets; TwitPub does it for you and keeps 20% for this service.

4- TwitPub is free to join which means you can start online earning now by signing up to TwitPub without investing a penny.

TwitPub for Subscribers

TwitPub brings following benefits for subscribers.

1- Vast marketplace to find tweets on your desired topics

2- Thirty (30) days trial period lets you decide better before paying for tweets.

3- Quality tweets are available at very affordable monthly subscription.

So if you think that you have ability to produce quality tweets on any topic of your interest which can benefit others as well then TwitPub is the best place to start online earning by selling tweets where you have complete authority to set the price for monthly subscription. Remember that today lots of online users are already paying for quality tweets about forex and stock market updates so you also have great opportunity for online earning in your hand by producing quality tweets on topic you are good at.