Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites have provided hours on entertaining for many of us; however, what happens when your one of them gets hacked? Unfortunately many hackers have taken advantage of the increase number of Twitter users by hacking into their accounts for different reasons and although the problem was not a widespread problem; this is indeed a worrying concern for many people since the importance of online communication has increased dramatically in the last few years.


Eliminating the risk of being hacked is unrealistic as hackers usually find new ways to achieve their goal; however, there are many ways in which you can reduce the changes of suffer an online attacked, particularly when using your Twitter account:


1.    Update your computer on a regular basis:

This is probably the most effective way to keep hackers away; the latest software and operating system normally include better security updates and ways to protect your account against the latest and most common attacks.


2.    Latest Antivirus

Hacking your account normally comes in the form of a virus; installing and keeping the latest antivirus in your computer will, in many cases detect and eliminate the threat.


3.    Do not check your Twitter account when using public computers

Although many libraries offer free Internet connection, you must be sure you log off when you complete your online search and make sure your Twitter account is closed. The problem of using public computers in hotels and cyber cafes is that many of them don’t offer the security level that you need in order to guarantee your account won’t be hacked. Keep it short, safe and to a minimum.


4.    Avoid Illegal Download

A few years ago, it was easy to download free music and videos online; however, many countries have approved a law where they make this practice a crime; but this is not the only problem, many of this sites normally share their applications and audio files with an unlimited number of people, making the threat of a virus highly likely. Example: if you are in search of a Downloadable Knitting Pattern for Monkeys, make sure it is downloaded from a safe site such as Amazon.


5.    Emails and strange links

Email accounts are hacked as well; they normally do it to send an email to all your friends, family and others included in your contacts - the problem with this practice is that a link is normally included in the email which carries the virus that eventually will help them to hack your Twitter account; do not ever click on a link when it looks suspicious.


6. Online File Storage Service

When you use cloud computing, offsite data storage or whatever you want to call it, make sure the “sharing setting” is turned off, you want to keep your files private as well as reducing the risk of being infected by others malicious threats.


7.     Password

Your password must be strong and difficult to guess; avoid any obvious passwords such as your name or date of birth. If someone will hack your Twitter account anyway, then make it harder.

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