Many websites have been cashing in on the Twitter bandwagon over the past few years.From Paid and sponsored tweets to auto follow scripts, websites have been popping up all over the web.With a lot of these sites you even had the option to log in and connect with your Twitter Id it seemed Twitter had taken a 'anything goes' stance.Im not saying the powers that be at Twitter liked or suported these sites but they definatly didnt seem to be taking action against them.

Some of the most popular sites were offering mass follow and mass or bulk unfollow options with the click of a button.Probably the most popular being Twitter Karma.A Twitter user simply entered their Twitter user name and password clicked go and would be presented with a list of people they follow, people who follow them and mutual followers.

Twitter Bird TTwitter Karma offered you 3 options :

  • Unfollow Everyone

  • Unfollow People that don't follow you

  • Follow people that follow you but you don't follow

When i first signed up to Twitter i followed all the 'suggested' users when prompted, mainly celebs/sports stars, large businesses and news corporations.

It quickly became apparent that many of these accounts were run by Public relations and the people themselves never actually Tweeted, similar to most Myspace and Facebook celeb pages.So they offered nothing to me apart from constant tweets filling my homepage promoting their products.

That's were Twitter Karma came in.

I logged in got the list of 'Only Following' - the people i followed that didn't follow me back and with the click of a button i unfollowed them all.

Very handy indeed, now though it seems Twitter have decided this is against their t.o.s.

The mass unfollow button on Twitter Karma has been replaced with the following message:

"On January 15, 2010, Twitter instructed us to remove the "bulk unfollow" capability of Twitter Karma as it has been determined to violate their Automation Rules and Best Practices. We have done so in order to comply with their request. We apologize to you, our users, for having to make this change, but hope you will understand it is outside of our control. "

Personally even though i have used Twitter Karma mass unfollow in the past i think this is a step that needed to be taken.A simple look at negative effect Friend Blasters had on Myspace shows that automated scripts generate spam and remove the personal touch social websites claim to offer.

Non Traditional Advertising.

Biz Stone one of the creators of Twitter has said 2010 will see Twitter try to make some money using "non-traditional" advertising.

Perhaps tidying up the Twitter image and reeling in the bandwagon of 'Make Money From Twitter' websites is the beginning of the process.