Twitter For Business

Twitter is the fastest growing social media site and has over 175 million registered users. It's largest demographic is thirty-five to forty-four year-olds, allows constant communication and provides online visibility. Sounds like an excellent tool for business, it is! Twitter business can get clients and customers directly.

Twitter Business

With only 140 characters, which twitter only allows, you can attract attention and create a marketing platform to twitter followers. People use twitter not just to connect to others but to share what they need.

Marketing your business thru twitter represents a unique new channel for your business and marketing. It's easy to use, instant speed, text format, and the ability to reach a very large audience in 140 characters or less. Twitter for business you have the ability to connect directly with consumers and use it to brand your business plus, gives you more exposure. Twitter business is one of those rare social networking sites where you can attract, convert and transform. By posting links on twitter you will attract people to your website, convert followers into consumers and transform your past successes by sharing stories and case studies. Using twitter for business is smart.

Twitter Basics

  • Messages that you send out are called tweets
  • You are only allowed 140 characters so messages have to be short, clear and to the point
  • Your tweets make up a timeline, when someone subscribes to your timeline, your tweets will show up on their homepage and these people are called followers and you can follow them back if you choose
  • Everyone gets a twitter name, choose one that's short and memorable
  • You can tweet directly from your phone

Twitter Hashtags

Many twitter users use hashtags that are words that include the has symbol #, to keep tweets organized by relevance. Hashtags were developed by the twitter community to make it easier to search for certain topics.


Retweeting is reposting another persons tweet. This can have a quick viral effect when the quality of the information is good. For example if you tweet something from your blog and someone likes it, they will retweet it, and so and so on.

Personal Twitter Page Basics.

  • Pick a short username. If you are a company looking to further your brand and provide customer service  on twitter then use your company name. Otherwise, use your personal name, people want to be friends with people. You can promote and market your business through your personal name. 
  • Use a good profile picture.
  • Your bio is short, you only get a 160 characters. So don't be vague, try and explain clearly what you do
  • You get one web address, if you have multiple websites or businesses, you should choose one to showcase here.
  • Use a personalized twitter background because it is a good marketing tool. Since you only get 160 characters in your bio, you can use the background for more information. Use your brand colors and include your name and a way people can get a hold of you, websites and keep it clutter free.

Who To Follow

You can choose everyone you find on twitter to follow, or you can be more selective. If you're interested in someones tweets then follow him or her. Don't worry if they don't follow you back because you will eventually attract your own group of followers.

Here are some tips to help get you started for your twitter business

  • Upload your contact list to see if anyone you know is on twitter
  • Look for people you may know in the twitter search tool
  • If you belong to another social media website announce that you are on twitter and give your username so they can find you
  • When you have at least 5 followers look to see who they follow and if anyone seems interesting, then follow them
  • Use and which are directories of people on twitter organized by industry and interest. You can look for people to follow and list yourself as well
  • Check to see if your favorite bloggers, media personalities, websites or companies are on twitter and follow them
  • See who the people you follow recommend.  On Fridays there is a trend on twitter called follow friday. Twitterers recommend who the follow to their followers by the #followfriday of #ff on Fridays.

How To Make The Most of Twitter

Twitter is what you make of it. You can use twitter as a tool to show your personality behind your company or brand. Use twitter to drive people or traffic to a blog or website that tells your story. You can use twitter business to talk about customers, deals, clients and your business. It is a great avenue to connect with customers on a personal level as well as a professional level. You can use twitter business to your advantage. Look through twitter and view the different business's and how they are using twitter. 

Multiple Twitter Accounts

Can you have multiple twitter accounts? Yes, you can. You can have a business twitter and a personal twitter. It may be difficult to build and keep up both. Through your personal twitter you can use that to build your business brand which will be easier. But there are still many businesses' that do both and are still succesful at it.

How To Get People To Follow You

  • Share valuable content, people like good content and it will attract more people
  • Leave out mundane details like "going to the grocery store"
  • Ask genuine questions to get feedback
  • Put a Twitter follow me button on your blog or website
  • Make it a point to follow 2 new people a day, they may follow you back.
  • Don't ask people to help you get more followers, it doesn't look good. It's better to say something like " I'd love to meet more people in the New York area, can you recommend any?

Do The Numbers Matter?

Yes, they do. The number of people who follow you matters. The more people who follow you, the more reach you have. This doesn't mean you should obsess over the numbers, it's still better to focus on a smaller targeted number of people whom you connected to rather than thousands with who you haven't. You want to manage quality over quantity.

Organize Your Followers

For twitter business it is good to organize your followers into categories and organize your tweets. You can use TweetDeck to do this, For example you can set the categories into colleagues, personal friends and family and followers. This will make your twitter business organized.

Twitter business

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