Twitter allows you to update your status from almost anywhere and this quick tip will show you how to 'Tweet' without leaving your Gmail account.The recently launched Google Buzz has made many Internet users aware of the fact that Gmail offers much more than just Email.

The Google Gmail Labs setting opens up a whole world of options and applications including the opportunity to use Twitter from your account.In a recent post i showed you How to use Facebook from within your GMail account.If you follow the Facebook steps and the Twitter steps just think of how much time you could save.

If you have 5 minutes to spare you can log into Gmail and check your Email, one click later your checking what your friends are at on Facebook and another click will let you update your Twitter status.It probably wont even take 5 minutes so lets do it.

Image Preview : Twitter Inside Gmail Account

Twitter In Gmail

How to Tweet From Gmail

1. Log Into your Gmail and click 'Labs' in the top menu.

2. Scroll to the foot of the page and tick 'Add any gadget by URL'

3. Now Go To settings in the top Menu of the page and Gadgets in the menu above the mail area

4. You will see the 'Add any gadget by URL' area - paste this URL in and click 'add'

Note : This gadget is safe this is the creators Page : LOGIKA Corporation

Your all set up to use Twitter in Gmail.