Twitter is a Social Network and Microblogging community service that enables user to post short 

messages of 140 characters of less known as 'Tweets'. The website was created in march 2006 and released in July 2006. As of 2011 it has over 300 million users delivering 300 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries every day. Twitter is a free to use service and in recent months has unexpectedly become extremely popular. This rapid growth and ease of use makes Twitter a perfect place to start promoting your Business today. 

Creating a Twitter account couldn't be any simpler. Go to click 'Sign Up" on the left, input your name, email, password and choose a username. Once you have done this you now have a Twitter account for your business. It is highly recommended that you upload an image for your profile and have a look through the settings to make sure you have them set to what suits you the b

Before you just straight into Tweeting, do some searches first depending on what your business does. Search for people who have tweeted about a product you are selling or people who are in the area your business is. This will give you a good sign of who your target audience will be and what other people are tweeting. Click follow on a user to follow their Tweets and most of the time they will follow you back. To gain the audiences trust in your Tweets, do not Tweet about personal things but keep tone fun as Twitter is a fun and social website. 

To find Twitter followers, you can follow other people who are within your niche or people interested in your niche by searching for them. You can also ask for followers with in-store promotions, online promotions via your website, Facebook, Google+ or any other for of social media you use for you business. 

To make the twitter experience even more enjoyable you can use third-party applications such as Tweetdeck and Seesmic. These applications not only make Twitter more enjoyable but easier to search and find posts that will be useful to you and your business. Twylah offers a service which created your Tweets into a stunning visual experience. A website will be created just for your tweets, you can put this as an extension onto your website for example 

So keep the fun alive in your business and sign up for a Twitter account now. You won't regret having so much fun and marketing your business at the same time.