Idaho is a unique state. The diversity of Idaho extends to not only the ethnicity of its people but also the diverse geography. Form timber lined snow capped peaks to rugged and harsh lave flows the State if Idaho has a lot too see. Everything from the high deserts to the thick evergreen forests is enough top captivate the imagination of people regardless of there geographical interests.

There are many awesome sights mother nature has given to the geographical make up of Idaho. Regardless of which part of Idaho you are in there is an awe inspiring natural feature for you to see.

Volcanic Flows

The most famous lava flows in Idaho are in the Craters Of the Moon National Reserve. Craters of the Moon consist of 60 different volcanic lava flows. Fortunately the lava is thousands of years old so you can walk around Craters of the Moon and experience the sheer vastness of these lava flows.

Craters of the Moon is a popular spot for students on field trips. A teacher can show the students many examples of volcanic formations such as cinder cones.

The last eruption occurred at Craters Of The Moon approximately 2,000 years ago. The event was witnessed by the Shoshone Indians.

People from all over the world visit Craters of the Moon. It is the best way for scientists to learn about volcanic activity in the past. The amount of knowledge geologists can learn form visiting and researching the Craters of the Moon National Monument is astronomical.

A few locals along with a handful of researchers are aware of some of the secrets that Craters of the Moon contains including a Juniper Tree that it over 700 years old along with volcanic tunnels that are not listed in any guide book.

The Snake River Canyon

The Snake River Canyon is the next best thing for people who can not visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona. In some ways the Snake River is even more amazing then the Grand Canyon.

The Snake River Canyon is the site of Evel Knievels attempted canyon jump in a rocket powered vehicle. The Snake River Canyon contains many amazing natural wonders including Shoshone Falls located near Twin Falls, Idaho.

It is commonly believed that the Snake River Canyon was formed during the mega flood known as the Bonneville flood which occurred around 14,000 years ago. In recent years many researchers have concluded that the Bonneville flood did help shape the Snake River Canyon however they believe the Canyon was already cut into the earth. Research is continuing as to when the original structure of the Canyon was formed. It may have been formed by a mega Earthquake but this is just speculation.

There are many other magnificent creations b mother nature in Idaho. These are simply 2 of many natural geographical features you can visit while in Idaho.

Idaho is an amazing State that has a lot of natural wonders for you to visit. Regardless of which part of Idaho you are visiting you will be able to see something that is awe inspiring. Many people think of mountains with a lot of trees when they think of Idaho and are shocked at the desolation of the rural high deserts of South Eastern Idaho. This desolation slowly turns into irrigated farmland and then you reach the Perrine Bridge which crosses the Snake River Canyon .

The diversity of Idaho is amazing.