Despite the recent death of Steve Jobs and the Apple brand being on everyone's mind, coupled with the iPhone 4s and the popularity of the iOS app, Siri-Google and Android are making tsunami like waves across the industry.  And they're only getting bigger!  Although Apple now owns the US market, more and more carriers and phone producers are turning to Android which is leading to a dominance of the global market.

Much of this success can be given to the pure volume and diversity of Android apps that are available on the Android Market.  Sure, this can lead to some malware issues, but when you get a good one-oh man-is it good!

Voxer Screen ShotCredit: http;//market.androidCredit: http;//


A PTT (push to talk) Android App

Voxer for Android is a walkie-talkie application that makes communication with other users of the application instant. 

Voxer is FREE in two ways:  One, the app is a free download from the Android Market and once in use you'll notice that the app is completely FREE of advertisement.

You can use Voxer in group or conference mode and it will operate under Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or Edge.

It is even able to be used when you're out of coverage!  Simply compose your voice message to a contact of your choice and when you are in coverage the app will automatically send it.  You can also choose to delay or delete any messages you have in cue.

If you always wanted one of this nifty Motorola push-to-talks that make that cute little beep, now you can have it all with your Android smart phone.

Tango-Free Video Calls!Credit: http://market.androidCredit:

Tango Android Market App

FREE Video Calls!

Who doesn't want a way to make FREE video calls to friends, families and loved ones.  Just like Voxer, Tango for Android works with Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G.  As long as a contact hs Tango on their phone then you can video call them-FOR FREE-ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

The app works great between any operating system too: iOS, Android, Windows phones and PCs.  If they have it, you can contact them with Tango and see their smiling faces.  Maybe you're on a trip and see something especially interesting-call with Tango and show it to your spouse.  What if you're in the club and your buddy is making a fool of himself?  Call your Tango user friends and show them right away!

You can ask much more from an Android app than simple, easy to use and FREE!