One of the most common document formats is the Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF file is popular due to its nearly universal compatibility. Essentially any computer, running any operating system, can open a PDF file. Many other devices can use documents in PDF as well, such as some cell phones and the Kindle ebook reader.

There are many reasons that one may wish to create a PDF file. Most ebooks today are distributed in PDF due to both the small size as well as the fact that it makes it much more difficult for your work to be stolen and altered. Try writing an ebook and distribute it in DOC format and you are bound to have a number of altered versions distributed under someone else's name. If you write your ebook and create a PDF file, however, the risk of having your work stolen in this way is reduced. The PDF is also a popular format for ebooks due to its compatibility on most systems.

The question that many have, however, is how do you even create a PDF file? There are a number of ways, but there are two that I find to be most convenient. Almost as important as the convenience of these two methods is the fact that they are 100% free.

Method #1: PDF Export Feature

This is the method that I prefer when I want to create a PDF file. is an open source alternative to Microsoft Office, and it is the office suite that I use for all word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is a great office suite, free of charge, that has essentially all of the features that Microsoft Office has. It even has some features that MS Office does not, such as the ability to create a PDF file directly from the word processor.

To do this, simply write your document using Writer. When your document is finished, rather than clicking File/Save As like usual, click File then "Export as PDF." A window will pop up that allows you to choose some settings, such as whether you want image resolution reduced and some other compression options. Simply choose the settings that you want, and click export. That is all there is to it! You now know how to create a PDF file using

Method #2:

If you are loyal to Microsoft Office and do not wish to switch to, one option is to use the online document converter at This website allows you to upload a Word document, convert it to PDF and download it. This is a very simple tool to use and it works very quickly. I find that it is slightly less convenient than the first method, simply because it requires going online, uploading the file, then downloading it, but it is still a very fast and easy way to create a PDF file.