The world has changed a lot as a consequence of email. And there are many good and bad features that it presents. In this article, I present two of the top good and bad uses of email.

Sure, folk moan about the quantity of E-mail they receive. But when all is clear, using E-mail has impacted business in a positive way and has the edge over other techniques of communication. Email marketing is among the strongest promoting tools now available. It's straightforward, reasonable, direct, actionable and very efficient. According to surveys, consumers and prospects would rather hear from you thru email than another way. And when you add e-mail to your promoting mix, you spend a little less time, money and resources than with traditional promoting cars ( as an example, direct mail or print advertising ). Your time-sensitive info is sent in seconds, not days or weeks, and you can experience the results of your attempts right away.

Many of us keep away from PCs , thinking it is a component of some difficult world they cannot probably gain mastery on. Older people are susceptible to this disinformation, because they did not grow up with all the technology the more youthful set did. You hear about messaging and e-mail attachments. Shortly it becomes abstract and you think that a blackberry is actually a fruit.

It's too difficult for me! Did you say that?

Here is what an email is all about: You begin with a blank spaces, type in your addressee and topic. The key point is to type your mail. When you have finished, there is no trip to the post office. You simply point and 'send.'

The addressee receives the mail in minutes.

So the two good uses of email are: simplicity and speed. And the two bad uses are the fact that it is impersonal and it gives us an excuse to avoid face to face interaction. Now you decide if you like your email.