The two hour Horseback Experience at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu in Hawaii.

Kualoa Ranch Two Hour Horseback Tour

The two-hour Ka'a'awa valley horse tour at Kualoa Ranch is a "must do" activity for anyone visiting the Hawaiian Islands.  I used to guide this trek and I want to support my old company by explaining how awesome the trek is.  I'll give you a heads up on what you'll experience while on the trail.

Kualoa Ranch is a short and stunning drive from Waikiki (Waikiki is in Honolulu.)  The horses at Kualoa are the most well-behaved trek horses I have ever encountered.  You don't need a drop of horsemanship experience to enjoy this trek safely.  Everyday the guides load people onto horses who may have never even seen a horse before in their life.  It is a testament to the horses that they can carry such inexperienced riders.  So you can really sit back and enjoy the trek because you are safe on that horse.

First the tour meanders along the monkey pod tree riddled ranch forest.  The natural beauty of the place takes your breath away.  This is where lots of the cattle ranching still happens today just like it did a hundred years ago when the first cattle were brought to the land.  Your tour guide will tell you all about it.

The tour takes you along the cliff side overlooking a ravishing coastline.  It's a spectacular moment riding a horse and looking over the vast pacific ocean and the long coast line of breaking waves.  Often, you can see longboarders way out where the waves break across the outer reef.  This spot is just mesmerizing.

The tour then enters the enormous Ka'a'awa valley which has loads of movie sites.  You will see locations from movies like "50 First Dates," "Jurassic Park," "Mighty Joe Young," and many more.  The guides are really great at describing different aspects of the valley.  This valley is utterly breathtaking and if you get it on a rain, it provides curtains of gigantic waterfalls from the surrounding mountains.  Honestly, words can't describe.

If you're lucky, on the way around your guide might give you some natural goodies.  There are strawberry guavas, papayas and kukui nuts all along the trail.

The historical ruins of the area are equally compelling.  During World War II, Kualoa was put under martial law by the US government.  The military built huge bunkers and sneaky hillside pillboxes in anticipation of invasion from Japan.

Hopefully this inspires you to get out there.  They have a very professional and safe tour that will just blow your mind.  If it weren't for my wifes immigration problems, I'd be out there now, cutting up some guava for some guests on the trail in Ka'a'awa.


Horseback Tours at Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii: Two hour Ka'a'awa Valley Horse Back Tour

Horseback Tours at Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii: Two hour Ka'a'awa Valley Horse Back Tour

Horseback Tours at Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii: Two hour Ka'a'awa Valley Horse Back Tour
Credit: Photo: Ian Robinson