Listening to the same old songs played over and over again on your radio station can be mind-numbing. Why not utilize the time you spend driving to work or running errands by listening to something that might improve your life? Podcasts are a great resource that can do just that. The following podcasts are the two that I use often, and have given me the most inspiration.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan, the UFC commentator, stand-up comedian, and former show host of Fear Factor, also hosts his well-known podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. His podcasts are usually long in length, running from two and half to three hours, and cover a multitude of topics such as: conspiracy theories, political issues, the use of psychedelic drugs, and his experiences as a comedian. Additionally, Rogan is known to go off on inspirational rants, which usually turn into popular YouTube clips, encouraging listeners to make the most of their lives.

The Joe Rogan Experience is unedited and unscripted, allowing Rogan and his guests (usually his comedian friends) to take the conversation wherever it may lead. It is perhaps this free and honest style that makes the listening so fun and easy, much like stand-up comedy. And if you can get past the sometimes explicit language, you might enjoy this podcast, and be left feeling inspired!

Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is known for his quick success in passive income which is what led him to his podcast Smart Passive Income. His podcasts are shorter in length and usually only run from half an hour to an hour. As the title explains, he covers topics related to passive income such as: article writing (his podcast led me to infobarrel) affiliate marketing, website development, app development, blogging, and more. 

Smart Passive Income is a more structured podcast. It usually involves a guest who has found some sort of success with online income. Pat will usually ask that guest to explain what their business is, how they got started, and how long it took them to successfully monetize it. At the end he usually asks the guest to offer up the number one piece of advice they would give.

Pats podcasts are often very motivational as his guests are usually just average, everyday people. Additionally, Pat offers expert advice that he delivers in a truly genuine manner by really showing honest concern for the success of his listeners. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur this is a must hear!