It's now two months after starting to write on Infobarrel and a month after publishing my first report 'A Month After Starting To Write on Infobarrel'. I received a number of nice comments on that article, so thought it would be a good idea to give an update of the status after two months.

Since that article I wrote 15 articles on a wide variety of topics, going from How To Become a Professional Soccer Player and Good And Bad Excuses For Being Late At Work to The Worst Hurricanes in the United States and an article explaining the new Google Instant Search.


One of the biggest changes is that I became pre-approved, which makes it a lot easier to publish and edit articles and my articles are immediately live on the Infobarrel website, instead of having to wait a couple of days until the articles were reviewed.

After a month I didn't get any comments on my articles and no one rated my articles, but that changed in the meantime as well. Various people commented and also rated a number of articles. I love to interact with people and want to hear what they think, so I am very pleased with this interaction. A thank you to all the commenters and people who rated the articles!

Links and Earnings

I started to use IMautomator, a free social networking tool, to start building links. I wanted to focus more on promoting my articles via other social networking websites like Digg, Reddit and so on, but due to lack of time I couldn't put as much effort into this as I wanted to, so this stays on my to-do list for next month. Engaging more in discussions in the Infobarrel forum also stays on my to-do list. I think the forum offers a lot of useful tips and tricks to improve your writing, build your links and improve your earnings and I think it's very interesting to hear from the Infobarrel-experts what they are doing to improve traffic to their articles and optimize their earnings.

After a month I didn't have any earnings, but also that changed in the meantime! I made 1.09 euro via Adsense which equals 1.43 US dollars. Not exactly a lot of money (to use an understatement), but it's at least a start! I also saw that some articles really need to age to generate more traffic. My first articles was 'Carrots in all colors - Orange, Purple, Yellow, White and Red' and that article generated the last month a lot of traffic and is at this moment the article with the most views, while it hardly had any traffic during the first month.

I still enjoy the writing, love sharing tips, tricks and knowledge with the readers of my articles and hope to write more articles on various topics in the near future.