My Stats, Thoughts, Advice and Trepidation After Two Months On InfoBarrel

A Transparent Look at One IB Member's Experiences Thus Far

As promised in my article about my first month on InfoBarrel, here is a detailed look at my numbers, earnings, etc., after writing for IB for the past two months (comparison to last month in parentheses):

Time On IB: Two months

Articles: 33 (+3)

Achievement Points: 326 (+30)

Most Views For Single Article: 1,283 (+863)

Least Views For Single Article: 7 (-1)

Adsense Clicks: 15 (+11)  <<  NEW METRIC

Total Earnings: $6.04 (up 1,024%)

So, as you can see, I slacked (in a major way) in terms of writing articles.  However, I have a good reason!  The more I read about generating quality content, SEO, copywriting for titles, and keyword research, the more I'm convinced that quality trumps quantity -- at least in the long run. 

Therefore, I've been doing a lot of keyword research with Google Keywords and Market Samurai to make sure my next batch of articles are top notch money makers.

I am happy to see the increase in Adsense earnings.  It's still very low, but it's huge compared to my first month.  My goal for 2011 is still $500/month passive income (from IB and elsewhere), and I'm going to keep pushing toward this!

I have yet to make an Amazon sale, so that will be a major goal for my third month here on IB.  Thanks to everyone for the continued support and encouragement!  Stay tuned for the next report!