Brown Golf Shoes SuckBefore I get into this article at all let me say I realize that this might be kind of a dumb topic. And if you aren't a golfer, then I could completely understand why you think I'm pretty dumb for writing this.

But if you are a golfer, and if you're a good golfer, and, even more importantly, you care about what you look like on the golf course, I know you can appreciate where I'm coming from with this. And someone had to say it, right? Someone had to talk about what might be one of the biggest fashion faux paus out there - wearing brown golf shoes. So here are the two reasons I think white golf shoes are way better than brown.

The first reason should be readily apparent. Brown golf shoes are ugly, white golf shoes are pretty. And by pretty, I mean they look good. They are sleek, they are shiny, and they make you look and feel like a really good golfer when you wear them. They make your skin look tanner and they keep you feet cooler on a sunny day by reflecting the suns rays (okay, that was a stretch, even for me). Bottom line, they just look better.

Reason number two, and this is an important factor for all you fashion forward golfers out there. White golf shoes are a much better match with plaid golf pants than brown shoes. They make the plaid jump out more (particularly if the stripes are white) and hey, if you're going to be wearing plaid golf pants, you might as well be wearing some nice bright shiny shoes too, right?

I mean, think about it, when you are out there on the course, do you want some old, doty pair of golf shoes, or do you want something that looks good? Whenever I think about what I want to wear I watch a little bit of the PGA tour. They not only have the resources to take a chance, but you can actually see how things look in action out on the course. And I'll tell you this. I see a lot of black shoes, I see a lot of white shoes, I even see some orange shoes, but I rarely, if ever, see brown shoes. I think that's a sign

With the advent of youth that is taking over golf (professional golf) in this day and age, looking good on the course is becoming more and more imperative. It's not so much how you swing the stick but how good you look when you're doing it. And if you want to survive the walk from your car to the clubhouse, you better not be wearing golf shoes that are brown.