The Benefits

Two screen DVD players are great for long car trips to a theme park or a relatives house because they can be less expensive than embedded monitors in the headrests or overhead DVD players, yet still provide the same entertainment value. Just simply attach them to the back of your headrests with mounting straps and you're good to go. Besides, if you ever plan on buying a new vehicle, you wouldn't have to worry about un-installing the DVD player (unless you wanting to increase the trade-in value by keeping it in), and then re-installing it in your new vehicle. Being able to take them with you whichever vehicle you're driving and serving as a lower-priced alternative are some of the benefits of two screen DVD players have. So if you're in the market for one, here are a few listed on Amazon.

RCA 8 inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Player

RCA is a popular consumer electronics company and they have products that serve your in-car entertainment needs. Their DRC6389 two screen DVD player gives you extra value in the amount of accessories available. You get all your adapters (AC and car), a remote control, a rechargeable battery pack and headrest mounting kits for easy installation. These players have a 3 hour battery life and have the resume play feature allowing you to start back up where you left off if the power was turned off. You also get an A/V cable if you wanted to hook it up to a larger screen. And if you didn't want to bother the person sitting next to you, a headphone jack is included (no headphones though).

nextbaseCredit: amazon

Nextbase Click9 Duo Deluxe

The Nextbase Click9 Duo Deluxe is a region free portable DVD player. It's a little pricer than some of the other dual screen DVD players on the market, but the company throws in a lot of innovative accessories and in so doing have been selling fast. First off, with it being multi-region makes it a perfect two screen car DVD player for those who often travel internationally. The screens can work in tandem with one movie, or can show two different movies with each screen. The DVD players themselves work like many others on the market, but this company stands out with the included accessories so lets talk about those. If you have a minivan (or any other kind of vehicle) with stanchions that support the headrests, they have a mounting kit design specifically for your vehicle. It attaches itself directly on the stanchion, they fit securely, and they've done numerous testing to ensure these are the safest headrest mounting kits on the market. If you happen to get in a car accident, you don't have to worry about flying DVD players hitting anyone since they'll be secured nicely on your stanchions. And to keep your car nice and neat, you get a cable YoYo that directs all cabling out of sight and out of mind. Alternatively, if your vehicle doesn't have any stanchions, you get two headrest mounts. The tablet DVD players have IR transmitters inside for use with wireless headphones (two wired earphones are included). You also get two carrying cases, remote controls and AC/DC and car adapters. Nextbase is a popular in-car entertainment company (they manufactured the first tablet DVD player), and their products are well-received by customers.

Sylvania SDVD8791

The least expensive two screen DVD player on this list is the Sylvania SDVD8791. They aren't that well-known and some believe have the worst dual screen DVD players on the market, but they also have a few that aren't so bad. Sometimes when you're looking for something affordable, you suffer in the quality department. Even so, this player doesn't have too many reviews so I'll just give a brief description. It's designed a little differently with a kickstand so you won't need to hold it up. It sort of looks like picture frame, but instead it'll play DVD discs. You pretty much get two of everything - remote controls, car power adapters, headrests and AC adapters. They'll play multiple DVD and CD formats as well as any MP3 or JPEG files. Style-wise it doesn't look that bad, it has a sleek black design with playback buttons on the sides of the 7 inch screens.

Dual Screen DVD Players

Dual screen portable DVD players are a great way to entertain the family while on the road. You can find cheaper Nextbase portable DVD players depending on your needs (without all the accessories), and there are other highly reviewed Sylvania DVD players if you'd like to see what others thought.