Two seater sofas, commonly known as "loveseats," allow two individuals to sit in comfort and in close proximity to one another, creating a more intimate setting than your standard three seater sofa.

It is best to plan ahead of time before heading out to buy furniture. You have to carefully asses what you really need and what you are looking for, so that you will not end up buying something you'll end up unhappy with. If you have kids and you are looking for a sofa, it would be practical to get one with dark or printed upholstery and also stain resistant, because it can hide those tiny fingerprints and accidental spills. Also you might need to consider special concerns such as allergies or a good quality lumbar support for elderly users.

The size of the sofa definitely does matter. You also have to determine the appropriate dimensions of the furniture that can fit your space, whether those of a complete living room set, of a simple side table or just of a two-seater sofa. Utilizing a tape measure will give you accurate results of the appropriate size of the furniture you need to buy to fit your available space. Then, you have to consider the width of the stairs, hallways and doorways so you decide in advance how to transport the piece to its intended place. Another way is to make a sketch of your furniture layout to help you visualize the space.

Wise spending is a must nowadays. Ask yourself how much you are really planning to spend on your sofa. Furniture pieces are investments if you plan to keep them long-term, but you also have to consider those temporary pieces that can be outgrown, especially if you are the type who loves change every once in a while. Do your homework and inspire yourself from magazines for styles and designs. You can also ask for recommendations from your family, friends, neighbors or colleagues for any good store they might know of. Make a list of the findings and create a time schedule to visit those items and stores. Keep an eye on sales and discounts advertised in newspapers.

While browsing consider some of these important factors: comfort, color, fabric types, cushions, arm type, sofa legs and the overall sofa shape. Also, decide if you want any special functions like cup holders or recliners.

Blinded by looks and style, comfort is sometimes left out and this leads to many regretful buyers. Remember, you’ll be using that sofa, not displaying it! The color of the two-seater sofa must also match the decorations around its location. Remember that colors also tend to cycle in and out of fashion. Neutral colors are good options for long term use.

Most sofas are available in leather which has become a popular material in the past few years. Not only two-seater leather sofas look good, but they are also available in a variety of styles and colors. Find those covers that are washable and removable. When choosing cushions, remember that they can either be attached to the sofa or just loose. On the one hand, sofas with attached cushions are robust and can last longer. On the other hand, loose cushions can also be used as pillows; however, they seem to lose their shape after some time. As for the arm rests, you must have an idea of what shape you like. The sofa legs can vary depending on what was used for skirting and how well it could hide the legs, either extending to the floor or near the floor. Different styles of uncovered sofa legs can project an elegant look. Finally, the overall sofa shape matters too. A nicely-shaped sofa can truly become a work of art displayed in your living room. So let your good judgment guide you when you decide to purchase a two-seater sofa.