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Item 1: Get a steamer

I’m not a cook.  I don't have the patience for it.  I want to eat healthy food and I want to eat it now.  I dont want to spend hours preparing a sauce and another hour cleaning up the mess. 

When you’re so dependant on time you look for quick alternatives.  Fast Food.  Bad.  

So what are the alternatives.  

There is only one and it's the greatest invention in the entire world: a steamer.  

It is simple and easy to clean.  Two ticks from me.

Use a steamer to cook chicken breasts (high in protein) and vegetables.  And that’s all you need.

Whack them onto a tray, set the timer, go and have a shower or whatever you need to do in 20mins, come back and dinner is done. 

A steamer will even cook eggs.  35 minutes and bingo.  Steam the night before and there's your breakfast.

And that’s it.  Keep it simple.  Sure you‘re  going to have pizza every once and awhile and you’re going to eat at fancy restaurants, but these extravagances should be the exception to the rule.

Don't get into the habit of dining out every night even if you can.

Treat eating and food as a process you have to go through to nourish your body.  Not for the enjoyment of taste.  Train your body to eat bland food if it’s nutritious.  We put too much emphasis in this modern age on taste.

The way I see it:  The benefit I gain from not eating a delicious, tasty chocolate bar far outweighs the benefit I gain from the taste of that delicious, tasty chocolate bar.

After awhile your body will adapt to healthy, bland food (not all healthy food is bland), and you’ll screw up your face at chocolate and McDonalds.

So eliminate the obstacles to healthy eating.  Get rid of the microwave.  You don't need it.  Get rid of the toaster.  Bread is out the window.

Buy the most expensive, dishwasher safe steamer you can afford and get steaming.

Item 2: Buy a small blender

That's right a small one.  Not one of those fancy models that juices and has all the extra attachments. You want a basic one that has only one function and that is to mix things up fast.

Make life as simple as possible to free up time to do the things you enjoy.  

I have a small blender that mixes my protein shakes.  I drink a lot of protein shakes.

I used to mix them up with a spoon but then the powder never dissolved properly and I’d make a right old mess.  For awhile I gave up drinking protein shakes to the detriment of my weight lifting program all because I couldn't be bothered stirring protein powder and cleaning up the mess.

In walked the blender to my life and I have never looked back.  I can throw in a banana, peanut butter, whey protein, a dash of creatine and bingo a delicous post workout shake in seconds.

So, two kitchen items that are easy to use, easy to clean, and provide instant nutritious food for the time strapped bachelor.