Limiting believes that will kill your inner game

Did you know that the majority of guys are held up in their romantic lives not by looks or money, but by their limiting self-applied believes?

This is the harsh reality; just go ask any women this question: would you prefer a weak guy who has got money or a self-confident guy?

Most women will tell you the second guy because of his personality and character.

Of course, some women will tell you the first guy, these are what we commonly call gold diggers.

I’m going to share with you two limiting believes that are probably destroying all your chances with women and you getting laid.

These limiting believes are universal, don’t just think that because they are your own that nobody else have them.

The truth is that most guys are plagued by these tow extremely dangerous believes.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you.

Do you know why?

Because once you will get rid of them, you will appear to women very different than most other guys out there and you will have so much success.

  • The first limiting belief is: “I’m not enough!”

    This is the most dangerous one, if you can get rid of this one, don’t worry, I’ll help you do it, you will become simply unstoppable with women.

    This is the belief by which you will tell yourself horrible things like:

    I’m not good enough

    I’m not rich enough

    I’m not handsome enough

    I don’t have a big … bank account (what were you expecting me to write, pervert ;-) )

    I don’t have a nice car

     I don’t have nice hair


    This belief is probably limiting you even in your professional life.

    In fact, there are some firms now a days that are specialized in helping companies detecting employees who have got such believes and doing some assistance to them.

    This is how you got them: your parents and your environment.

    This is the big beast of all psychological issues; in fact, a wise guy once said that most people spend forty years of their lives trying to forget the first five.

    You stop yourself from believing this one by using the power of affirmations.

    You simply repeat these affirmations every morning after you wake up for a period of three months or even more if you feel the need:

    • I like my self
    • I’m a strong person
    • I feel great
    • I know my wants and needs and I’m getting them fulfilled
    • I like my accomplishments
    • I am responsible
    • The second one is: “I need to show the world”

    Well, this one is bad too and will probably get you into what we can call: seeking approval.

    Your last girlfriend probably broke up with you because you had too much of this one.

    Unfortunately, there is only one remedy: stop it.

    I’m sorry, this is the only one that works, you need to notice yourself when you are seeking other’s approval and stop yourself from leaning on them, seeking that they like you, comforting yourself that they don’t talk behind your back.

    You need to psychologically grow, that’s your only option.