ChristmasCredit: or not you’re religious, Christmas is all about goodwill and spreading happiness. What better way to spread as much of the good stuff as possible than buying ethically?  When you buy from companies who treat their workers fairly, with respect and consideration, the people you buy from benefit just as much as your loved ones. When the businesses who make the gifts you buy take great care not to harm the environment, you’re helping the human race in general to minimise the impact we make on the planet, directly in line with the traditional spirit of Christmas. Here are two of this year’s best seasonal buys, both carefully sourced with excellent ethical credentials.   

The lovely Sranrom Mood Management Kit

Mood Management KitThailand-based Sranrom has created a wonderful Mood Management Kit, perfect for people who appreciate the power of aromas and enjoy lovely smells! The kit contains five pretty, practical pulse point rollers, packed in a gorgeous palm wood holder, each containing 3ml of mood enhancing aromas: Calm Down, Clear Mind, Feel Good, Get Lively and Sleep Tight. Perfect to keep at work, take to school or college or enjoy at home.

The manufacturers’ name, Sranrom, means feelings of pleasure, serenity and contentment and their products are made to age-old formulae used by locals for centuries. Sranrom only use natural ingredients and everything they make is formulated without nasty parabens, propylene glycol, petroleum derivatives, silicone, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrances or animal ingredients. It’s sustainable too, another big plus point, and because the Thai people live in harmony with their environment, following the traditional path of moderation in all things, their environmental impact is low key and gentle.

The stylish Cork iPad travel case

iPad Travel CaseYou’re unlikely to find another iPad case as good looking and ethically sound as this one! The Cork Fabric Travel Case is by Bambu, the perfect fit for any iPad version and rugged enough to protect your favourite gadget outdoors and in. It’s made from innovative, tactile cork fabric: a thin layer of soft cork (the bark of the cork tree) over an unbleached cotton backing. It feels just like leather, smooth and supple, easy to clean and water resistant. You’ll love the smart coconut button finish and the waxed cotton tie is superbly practical.

Bambu treats their workers well, promote healthy communities and preserve the environment. Their cork range, which includes a host of beautiful, practical treats, is made in China in a co-operative where the craftspeople themselves get involved in setting prices. And cork is amazing stuff: sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. Cork tree bark can be harvested sustainably every decade or so without damaging the tree. In fact stripping off the bark helps the trees thrive. Because cork forests are vital for stopping soil erosion in its tracks, maintain water levels and storing carbon dioxide, the process comes with significant environmental benefits.

 The more we support organisations like these, the better for the future of the human race. So you can feel even better about giving this year by buying ethical Christmas presents – you’re worth it, and so is our beautiful, unique planet!