Playstation 3 offers a wide selection of gaming titles and just about everyone will be able to find one that suits their tastes. Unfortunately, many of these games are designed for a just a single player. Although some games offer online play for up to 24 people, what about people who wish to play together offline? If you haven't tried out these multiplayer games for the Playstation 3 yet, perhaps it is time to reconsider!


Resistance was one of the original titles that were released with the Playstation 3. This game attracted a huge following as it provides an action packed campaign that can be completed in a co-op mode in addition to a highly entertaining online option. The co-op mode is seamless and you and your partner will beat up the bad guys as you work your way through the storyline together. The online portion of this game lost a bit of steam when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was introduced!

Little Big Planet

Do not let the cover of this 2 player Playstation 3 game fool you. Although Little Big Planet looks like it was designed for kids it really is a great game for all ages. The graphics are incredible and the mini games that you unlock as you play will keep you entertained for hours – literally.

The characters you play are fully customizable which adds a unique twist to Little Big Planet. You can pick up clothing and accessories in the levels so you can continually update them. This game is similar to a Mario Brothers game and you will run, jump, climb, swing, and spin your way through each level.

Tip: Keep your eyes open for part 2 of Little Big Planet which is expected to go on sale in January of 2011.

Army of 2

Very rarely are games designed strictly for the purpose of being multiplayer. This 2 player Playstation 3 game allows you and a friend to shoot your way through the storyline of this game. Overall this game is plenty of fun, but you may find yourself wanting more as you'll quickly reach the end.

New Super Mario Brothers

Who doesn't enjoy Mario? These games are so visually appealing and captivating. This edition of the game is a throwback to the old Super Mario Brothers from the Super Nintendo Era. You and your friends will take turns completing each of the levels in the game. And yes, you will get to ride Yoshi periodically throughout the game.

So which is your favorite 2 player Playstation 3 game?