The Beanie Baby Set Of Max And Ruby

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If your children are anything like mine then they love Max and Ruby. Ever since my son started being interested in watching T.V., Max and Ruby were his favorite.

So naturally my wife and I began to look around for Max & Ruby Sets for my son. As we searched we found a set of Max and Ruby on Amazon and thought we would search around at some of the stores to see if we could find one.

We went to places like Target and Walmart and we were disappointed because we could not find any. I went back on to Amazon and did a little more research and here is what I found.

Amazon has a set of  Ty Max and Ruby Beanie Babies for sale and at a great price. The Max Beanie has blue overalls with red and white undershirt. He is 3 x 4 x 8 and has the heart tag. Ruby has a yellow dress with different color designs on it and a purple undershirt. Her dimensions are the same as Max's and carries the red heart tag.

What Are My Kids Doing With Them

I always have this idea that my son should be using his toys for something constructive. The great thing about this set is that he likes to use them to make up adventures.

He has many books about Max and Ruby so he uses is Ty Beanie Baby Max & Ruby Set to create and act out his own stories.

The age for the Beanie Baby's are suggested as 3 years old but we got this for my son when he was two. I think that the age cut off I would set is around five or six. After that, they become more of a collectors items.

In order to keep them from falling over when they are set down, they are weighted a little more than usual to keep them upright.

Other than that, I love these beanie baby's.