The figure-eight knot, also known as the Savoy knot, the Flemish knot, and the double stopper, is an easy knot to learn. Variations on the basic figure-eight knot are used for several purposes. The basic figure-eight knot is used primarily in sailing as a stopper knot. The knot is stronger, stays in better, and is easier to untie than an overhand knot. On a sailboat, the figure-eight is used at the ends of sheets, halyards, or any line to stop it from running through a block (or pulley).

A slightly more complicated variation of the figure-eight knot, called a double figure-eight knot, is used in rock climbing to create a strong loop that can be attached to a carabiner, a harness, or to create an anchor. Learning the basic variation of this knot will make it easier to learn the double figure-eight knot.

Things You Will Need

A rope

Step 1

Figure-8 Knot - 1

Make a bight in the end of the rope by folding the bitter end back across the standing part of the line.

Step 2

Figure-8 Knot - 2

Bring the bitter end under the standing part, forming the number 8 with your line.

Step 3

Figure-8 knot - 3

Pass the bitter end back through the bight.

Step 4

Figure-8 Knot - 4

Pull the knot tight

As with any knot, learn to tie it and then practice with your eyes closed, behind your back, and any way you can think of, so in a pinch you are sure you can tie it quickly.

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