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The Marriage Counselor

Reality star Kim Kardashian was in Atlanta recently to work on Tyler Perry's new movie, "The Marriage Counselor." This got many of Perry's fans fired up and several pleaded with him to give her the boot (sort of what she did to husband Kris Humphries). People were genuinely upset that Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband after 72 days of marriage, and after a lavish wedding that reportedly cost upwards of ten million dollars. After hearing the news, numerous Perry fans flocked to his website to air their grievances and protest his decision to keep Kardashian in his movie. Many are even threatening to boycott the movie when it is released unless Perry changes his mind and fires Kim. However, all that protesting hasn't changed Perry's mind, he is sticking with Ms. K, and some fans are now calling him "arrogant."

Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams weighed in on the issue during her "Hot Topics" segment on November 10, saying "There’s more backlash from the Kim Kardashian divorce. Well, the drama continues, everyday there’s something. So now Kim is in Atlanta, filming her scenes for Tyler Perry’s new movie 'The Marriage Counselor.'" (Audience laughs) "I know right, I mean the idea that she is in a marriage movie is funny, but that’s not the dust that’s being kicked-up. See there are thousands of Tyler Perry fans who want Kim off of the movie because of her divorce and perhaps her insincerity in walking into that marriage.  Many of his fans, Tyler's fans, are threatening to boycott the movie. You see, what many people might not know is that Tyler's fan base is based in the Black church. You don’t mess with the Black church. All I'm saying, these are family movies, Tyler's really good at family movies, you can take the whole family and somewhere in the movie there's always a church like message. This is what I say Tyler, I’m not the boss you are; I would send her on the first thing smoking back to L.A.  Don't mess with your fan base because it's just not worth it, it's not worth it. Now you know Kim was cast for this movie before she announced her divorce after the five minute marriage, but to me that would have been fine, if she was in the movie prior, but now with the divorce announcement and everything; don't mess with the Black church, don't mess with the fan base Tyler."  Kardashian did post a message to her fans explaining that she married for love but just couldn’t make things work.

Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion, however, for all those "church" people who are quick to throw stones at Perry and Kardashian, and to jump on the "fire or boycott" bandwagon, they should remember what the church message is all about: FORGIVENESS.  By the way, forgiveness does not exist solely for those whose transgressions are a result of an honest mistake, otherwise everyone in church would be destined for someplace other than heaven. So, regardless of whatever motives you believe Kardashian had, she is no better or worse than anyone else.

Let's all let Tyler Perry do what he does best, make movies with a good message (which, by the way, is not the norm in Hollywood) and let Kardashian do whatever it is that she does best, and when the movie comes out if you want to see it see it, go! If you don't that's okay too.

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