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Type 1 diabetes symptoms are not exclusive and may actually represent other conditions as well. So, it is important to talk to your primary physician right away if you notice these symptoms or have other risk factors for diabetes or other conditions.

Excessive Hunger

If you find yourself hungry even after you have already eaten or if you find yourself hungry more often this can be a symptom of Type 1 diabetes.

Increased Urination

More frequent trips to the bathroom may also be an indication according to the mayoclinic. This is due to an increase of sugar in the bloodstream which causes your body to pull fluids from your bodily tissue.


Becoming thirsty or the feeling of dehydration and a dry mouth can also be a warning sign or symptom of Type 1 diabetes. This goes hand in hand with increased urination and is caused by the same thing.

Weight Loss

If you experience weight loss even though your appetite has increased and you find yourself eating more this can be a warning sign of Type 1 diabetes. The onset of weight loss can happen quickly and is a result of your body using fat and muscle tissue to maintain regular functions.

Vision Problems

Unexplained blurriness to your vision can be a sign. Especially if it is not a one time or explainable occurrence.


Excessive loss of energy or tiredness can indicate an underlying condition and needs to be noted.

Rapid Heartbeat

An increased heart rate or heart palpitations can be a serious indicator.

Slow to Heal

If you notice that those little cuts and scratches seem to take forever to heal or simply do not heal this is something you need to talk to your doctor about right away.

Abdominal Pain

Unexplained abdominal pains or cramping.


Persistent nausea or the inability to keep fluids down.

Sweet Breath

Though many medical write ups explain it as a sweet smelling breath they also refer to the smell of finger nail polish remover which to some has a smell not always associated with a sweet scent.

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Which can be described as a combination of many of the accompanying signs is a serious condition and needs to be treated right away. The symptoms of hypoglycemia are: confusion, headache, insomnia or other trouble sleeping, shaking, numbness, convulsions, irritability, increased heart rate, hunger and cold sweats.

Numbness/Tingling Sensation

If you experience numbness or a tingling sensation in your feet this can be classic type 1 diabetes symptoms.

Who has to watch out for Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms?

The answer to that is everyone. It can strike children and adults alike so be sure to watch for these symptoms in your children as well as yourself.

What to do if you have Warning Signs?

If you are experiencing what you believe to be Type 1 diabetes symptoms consult your doctor or other trained medical professional right away. There are a lot of serious complications that can be caused or brought that need to be tested for and ruled out right away.

There may be other symptoms and indicators so for that reason and because I am not a licensed medical professional this information is not to be used or taken as medical advice as stated above speak with your physician for diagnosis, concerns and treatment options.

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