There are many types of sites, on the internet. Almost all of these sites make money. This article consists of a list of different types of website that you can make and use to make money.


Blogs are the most widely created and used type of sites on the internet. There are millions of blogs created every day. The internet is littered with blogs. The name blog is a combination of two words, Web and Log. A blog is a site that archives entries. Essentially what that means is that a blog is like an electronic diary. On a blog, the author makes posts that are than archived in the blog. The posts made can be about anything. Blogs tend to hae a personal touch to them, meaning that the writer of a blog, adds some personal information that other sites don't have.

              There are a few services that  you can use to make a free blog, Wordpress and Blogger. Both of these services are free, although Wordpress allows you to make a paid blog too. Using a free blogging service, you can easily make a blog, and make money. Most blogs do not make money. The Truth is that most people will make more money working at McDonalds than when making a blog. Blogs may not be tough to make, but they are tough to run. You constantly have to get traffic to your blog and write new content for it.  Many people to do not make a blog for money, instead they make a blog to share their knowledge and thought with the rest of the world.

   If you are serious about making a blog, consider paying for a real domain and hosting. Most professional blogs pay for hosting and buy a domain. This gives you tons of more possibilities and choices, versus just making a blog on a site like blogger.



A directory is a form of a list. A directory site, is a site that has information about a certain topic on it. For example Yellow Pages is a directory with businesses in it. The directory has a complied list of information on businesses. Making an online directory,  is easy and can make you a ton of money. There are a lot of different types of directories that you can make. Here is a list of a few of them.

Article:Article directories tend to be directories that have articles on them. These directories are broken down into category's, and in each category is an article. These directories are my favorite, because search engines love content(articles) and article directories have a ton of it. Most of the time, these directories rank better than web and other types of directories. There are plenty of softwares that allow you to make one of these, there are a few that even have article/web directories combined into one site.

Web:Web directories are directories, that have a compiled list of websites. These directories are known by some as link farms. They usually have thousands of links to websites. Search engines do not generally rank them well because of this. Website owners usually submit there sites to these directories so that they get links and valuable traffic to their site.  I do not advise starting a web directory unless you are 1, combining it with another type of directory or 2, only accepting certain submissions, the ones that are of high quality.

Local: Local directories are directories geared towards your local community, they usually contain businesses that are local. These directories rank very well, because there usually is little to no competition. Especially if you live in a big town or city, these directories can work great and make you money.

Niche: Niche directories are like the name describes niche. They are focused on a certain topic instead of on all topics. Some of these directories do very well, although I have not seen many good ones as of yet. The concept behind them is good though. If you have a niche community looking for a website with all the information they need on their niche, a niche directory will work.


Out of all of these directories, I find that niche and article directories work the best. If you live in a city, local directories might also work. A good way to monetize these directories is to charge for submissions. Some sites charge upwards of 50 dollars for a submissions. I believe that unless your directory has a page rank of 4 or higher, you should not charge for listings. Few people will pay money just to get there site on a page rank 0 directory. Another way to make money from directories is through advertisements, which probably won't pay much, but can still contribute to your bottom line.

Search Engine

Surprisingly, you can make money by making a search engine. There are a few free softwares that allow you to make your own custom search engine for free. You could make the next Google, you never know.  Making your own search engine is easy, fun and can make you money. For those, who do not want to be bothered with making a search engine, you can piggy back off of Google and add a custom Google search engine to your site. These search engines work very well are free, and can make you money. Google embeds Adsense ads into your custom search engine, so now you can make money.


E-commerce sites are widely popular on the internet, sites like Ebay and Amazon have made millions of dollars, and other small websites are also making money.  The internet is littered with all different types of e-commerce sites. You can make money selling things through the internet without ever leaving your home. Using drop shipping in other services, you can sell millions of dollars worth of goods without lifting a foot.  Due to the fact that there are tons of e-commerce sites on the internet, it may be hard, to get started. The software requirements are easy to acquire but to gain market share in the cut throat e-commerce world is nearly impossible. Luckily some big sites like Amazon and Ebay, allow people to piggy back off of them. Using Amazon and Ebay affiliates, you can sell products and get paid. Many people offer Amazon products for sale on their site and when a product sells, they get a hefty commission of up to 15%. This is huge for Amazon and for people selling Amazon products. Amazon even lets you creat a customized mini store were you can sell their products and get paid.  Using these tools, you can make a fortune. On the side of this page alone is an Amazon product bar.


Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites, are sites were users share their favorite sites. These websites are similar to other social media sites such as Facebook, where users share ideas and information. Social bookmarking sites are very helpful sites and many people use them to find out cool things. is a very popular social bookmarking site, that millions of people use. In fact most websites, now have a button that allows users to Digg the website. With Digg being such a big success more and more people are starting social bookmarking sites and are making money with them too.

The main way to make money with social bookmarking sites is to have advertisements, but these do not usually generate a lot of money. This is why, it is important to have a strong base of users on these websites.


Survey Site

Survey Sites are sites where users can answer surveys and typically earn money or some reward. These sites make money off of their users. Once a user has answered a survey, the site pays the user a percentage of the the money they receive and keep the rest. This way, for every survey that is answered, the site makes money.

   There are a large amount of survey sites on the internet. Most of them, do not do that well, although some of them like cashcrate make a large amount of  money. It is very easy to set up a survey site, there are a few good templates for these types of sites. The key to making money with these, is to have a large base of active users. If you have a bunch of users who are consistently filling out surveys than you may be able to make money.


As you can see, there are many different types of website, that you can make on the internet. All of them have the potential to make money. In other articles displayed on my profile page, you can find some more information about how to make money online and how to make money making different types of websites.