Many people are addicted to something and quite a few are addicted to many things. There are some additions which are obvious and these are usually the ones people see first. We all know about substance abuse, nicotine addiction, alcohol addiction and gambling. The advantage with these addictions is that there are provisions made to assist in recover for these addictions.

The habits which are overlooked and seldom get any kind of assistance are the ones mentioned in this article. These addictions have no real rehab centers where you check in to get recovered. This is why these addictions are someone psychologically traumatizing for the victim.

These hang-ups are sometimes crippling and cause us to lose valuable time being productive. It’s not easy to spot when the habit forms and in most cases someone else has to point out what is happening.

How to know when you are addicted:

Generally, addiction comes with its own set of symptoms and this is where you should start looking. The atypical signs of an addiction are:

  • Crave. If you find that you are constantly craving something especially if it’s not food or something beneficial then you should take a second look at what it is you are craving.
  • Spending too much time and effort doing what it is you are addicted to. In most cases when it’s an addiction which entails doing something like gambling, the addict will take time away from doing something more productive to go gamble. Their work might be put in jeopardy because of it.
  • Defensiveness: It’s not all cases of addiction where the person becomes defensive. This symptom is most common in substance abuse, alcoholism, sex addiction and gaming. To a lesser extent the kinds of addiction mentioned here.
  • Habit changes. When you form a new habit your old habits change. You do things differently as you dedicate yourself to your new habit. A habit which takes up most of your thoughts, time and effort is your addiction.
  • Agitation, anxiety and impatients. Along with the other symptoms you may feel quite annoyed when you can't get your fix. You are anxious for it to happen and you get quite impatient if it takes too long.

Your own addiction is not easy to spot but the more you become in tuned to who you really are, you become aware of your lifestyle changes. 

Internet addiction disorder

Do you have these addictions?


Personal experience: Recently I realized that I cannot function without the internet. Once per month or so my internet service will go down for a few hours. The first time it happened I was very annoyed so I called my ISP. It happened again and I called my ISP three times that day. The most recent was a few days ago and within minutes I called, but the most telling sign for me was the fact that, even though I had work to do on my PC, I could not do it!

If you find that you are unable to function without the internet you may have a problem. Addiction comes with certain symptoms which regradless of the habit. If you feel agitated, anxious and impatient without the internet youa are in big trouble.

In some cases persons lose sleep, valauable time and even money because they are unable to keep away from the internet. Being hooked on the internet can lead to other habits which may prove to be unhealthy and detrimental to relationships.

Social network

Here is another fixation I realized I had. What I had to do was create a new account in order to keep my apps and business pages, then deactivate the old account. At that point I still wasn't sure that I was hooked on facebook until:

  1. I kept logging in through the new account
  2. I kept hoping to see someone familiar
  3. I felt lonely on the new account
  4. If it weren’t for the fact that I don’t want to look like an idiot I would have reactivated the old account within minutes. I did tell my friends I would be deactivating the account for a while.
  5. I usually keep my account on Facebook open while on the internet. No matter what I am doing I take time to check my status, notifications and messages as soon as they come in.
  6.  I wake up in the middle of the night to check my notifications. Need I say more?

There are several social networks online and you may be addicted anyone of them. There is Twitter, Google+ and many others. Check your symptoms to see whether or not you have formed an unhealthy social network habit.

Social Network dependence is most common for social users, espcially among people between the ages of 16 and 25 for both male and female.

For most people both internet and social media fixation are connected.

Computer or video games

The alternative to gambling addiction is playing computer games or video games. Some people take it to the arcade while others stay home and play. Whether it’s the play station or a game of solitaire you can become an addict. My addiction was Zynga poker online.

If you find yourself playing games for hours at a time every day, not stopping for meals, playing while you should be working, playing while you should be in bed; you are likely addicted.


Coffee is an addiction which is very common but not quite easy to spot. The most common sign of the coffee addiction is the agitation one feels when they haven’t gotten their caffeine fix. It’s not only the flavor of the coffee which cause the addiction but the caffeine it possesses. Caffeine addiction is similar to nicotine addiction in that the person becomes quite irritated when they need a fix. They are unable to function and they lose focus.

Cell phone

Another common but very unusual addiction is to the cell phone. This is very common amongst the younger generation. During the last couple of decades with the advent of new technology; texting, emailing and exploration of the cell phone, our telephone habits have changed.

No longer is the telephone used only to make and receive calls but is now a medium for entertainment. We communicate not only with words but codes as well forming a new language which only others like us can understand.

If you find your child using the cell phone in class, while they should be studying, while walking on a busy street, basically all the time, there is need for concern. Adults are also at risk so look out.

A person

One can become addicted to another person and this is quite an unhealthy habit. This addiction borders on obsession. It can become quite deviant as well. People obsession can lead to stalking, bullying and even perversion.

One must be careful not to find that they are unable to function without the other person. There different aspects of people addiction:

  • Addicted to a friend
  • Obsession with someone you are attracted to
  • Obsessed with a celebrity
  • Obsessed with a criminal
  • Obsessed with a child
  • Obsession with your partner

In conclusion

If you find that you are suffering from any of the above addictions, it may be wise to speak to someone about it. In some cases it’s easy to break the habit but if you are unable to do it on your own you should seek professional help.

One way of fighting your addiction is to substitute your habit with something new. take up a new healthy hobby. Do something productive with your time. Instead of playing games on the internet, spend time with your friends, family or spouse. Instead of drinking coffee have a cup of green tea.

Use your time wisely and if you can't fight it alone seek help.

Peace out and stay healthy. 

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