Alternative Types of Energy

There are many types of alternative energy sources in our world. Because of the finite supply of the current conventional fuels, alternative energy sources are important to find and use to maintain our level of energy uses.

This article is about listing alternative energy sources so you can better understand what is out there. If we understand what is out there, than we can wrap our heads around using it. Most of the alternatives listed here are being used right now in our country but are not widely understood.

Expense is a major problem for the accessibility of alternate energy sources. Hopefully, if we continue to educate and experiment on these resources, we will make the discoveries that are necessary to make these sources affordable. 

Types of Alternate Energy #1: Solar energySolar is the using the suns radiation to create thermal and electrical energy. Solar power has some of the most promising applications because it can be adapted to almost any machine. All it has to have is access to the sun. As you can see, solar energy is a very excited energy source. The only problem with solar energy is the cost. In order to gather and store the suns energy, you have to use cells that collect the energy and store it. These cells are not cheap and it can cost a great deal of money.

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Types of Alternate Energy #2: Wind Energy - Wind is a type of alternate energy. Large turbines that are connected to a machine are powered by the wind pushing the propellers like a windmill. Wind energy is not new. It has been a power source for a long time. The problem with wind power is that we are currently unable to make enough power out of the wind on a small scale. In order to use the wind, the turbines must be as large as possible. This causes problems for families and people who are not able to afford a large turbine in their home.

Types of Alternate Energy #3: Geothermal Energy – Geothermal is another unlimited source that is currently being used. When steam or hot water from the Earth’s interior is used to make electricity or heat buildings. This is a great source of energy, but there are only a few places that we have direct access to heated sources. So it is not the end all energy source but it is an alternate that can be used.

Types of Alternate Energy #4: Biofuel and Ethanol – Biofuel and Ethanol are some of the most exciting alternative source because it can be transformed to fit most conventional machines we use today. Biofuels are things such as animal fats and vegetable oils that are mixed with other substances to create fuel. Also, Ethanol has been used to mix with gasoline to create fewer emissions when it is burned. So far is has been successful. It is thought that ethanol or alcohol can be used to replace gasoline all together but the combustion engine would need to be redone and this has not been made affordable yet to the public.

I hope this article has given you some general knowledge on types of energy sources. These sources are available now but they are not affordable for everyone. It makes it harder to use these sources because most people do not understand them and how to use them. But if we continue to learn and educate ourselves on energy sources, someday we will be able to use all renewable energy sources.