If you've ever lived in an apartment or small home that didn't have a condenser tumbler dryer you probably had to endure the extra work associated with clothes drying by line or by hauling loads down to the local Laundromat. In fact many people who grew up in a house probably have long time memories of doing the wash and wishing that they could have a simpler way to dry clothes. For this reason condenser clothes dryers have become popular in many different types, styles, and price ranges making buying a tumble dryer condenser an option for more people.

Condenser Tumble Dryers

Because condenser tumble dryers now come in so many different types to meet the needs of the consumer it becomes more interesting to list the different types condensing tumble dryers so that making a decision of what kind is the best to buy in any given set of circumstances.

You can obviously buy large industrial size condensing dryers but a more practicle solution that was not always available to people and especially to people on a limited budget was buying a compact condenser tumble dryer. These small tumble dryers allow for portability and for space saving functionality.

If for instance you have a small space in your home such as a closet or a nook in your kitchen you can easily fit a compact condenser tumble dryer whereas you might not be able to fit a standard tumble dryer into the same space.

There are also a number of brand name manufacturers who make quality condenser drying units such as Bosch, Miele, Frigidaire, Maytag, among many others. Each dryer machine will of course have it's own features specific to the brand and model however size tends to be the biggest feature when you are working with a limited space.

Lastly, like all other major appliances, condenser tumble dryers can come in different levels of energy efficiency. Typically you can look for and find energy start condenser tumble dryers if you value saving on energy however like all other appliances these machines will usually be a bit more expensive. Similarly if you want to buy a compact tumble dryer then you are also going to pay a bit of a premium as well. You may find small tumble dryers on the low end but the true compact portable models will sell at a premium.

Of course for anyone who grew up hanging their clothes to dry the benefit of having a condenser dryer in the home will be well worth the cost and in the long run may even save you money as you will no longer have to put quarters in a dryer again.