Congratulations!  Chances are if you are reading this, it’s highly likely you are recently engaged.  You have a brand new sparkler on your finger and you’re still looking down at your hand throughout the day more times than you can count...

The glow and excitement of your happy news has sunk in and you’ve celebrated with your family and friends.  It’s also likely you may feel a teeny bit overwhelmed about the amount of work and planning ahead of you....

Where should we get married?

The location and venue of your wedding is probably the most important factor in your planning. It’s one of the first things you need to lock away early because it allows you to (a) Set an actual wedding date (b) Define the style of your wedding.

For many couples, their wedding location is a no brainer – either where they live or where they grew up.  For others however, the thought of having a wedding close to home is not appealing, for reasons which may include:

(1)   The weather can be unpredictable

(2)   Your home town doesn’t offer the type of wedding you would like (e.g. is nowhere near the beach)

(3)   A hometown wedding could mean that 200+ of your nearest and dearest aunts, uncles and cousins will expect an invitation, when your dream wedding ideally would only have 30 close friends and family in attendance

(4)   The marriage is not the first for either yourself or your fiancé and a traditional wedding is not what you are after

These are just a few of the reasons why destination weddings have become increasingly popular with modern brides and grooms. 

Styles of Destination Weddings

When you read about “Destination Weddings” your mind may automatically picture yourself standing barefoot on a beach, and this may not be your thing.  However, a destination wedding is not limited to beach weddings only.

Here is a list of styles of Destination Weddings to consider:

  • Winery – if you and your partner share a love of wine and fine food, a beautiful wine region makes the perfect romantic setting for your wedding
  • Country – a rustic country wedding could take place on a homestead, barn, or marquee set up in a field
  • Childhood Holiday destination – your childhood holiday spot may have special significance and could be the perfect sentimental place to say ‘I do’
  • Private Homes – many holiday locations have luxury estates and gorgeous mansions for hire for private functions. Local real estate agents will be able to give you details on properties they lease for these purposes.  
  • River Wedding – a ceremony on the banks of a river, or a restaurant on the river is another way to have a romantic water setting away from the beach
  • Boat Cruise – depending on the number of guests you will be having, you could consider a luxury yacht, catamaran or vintage ferry as the site for your wedding.  Hold your entire wedding on board as a cocktail party!  Alternatively have your ceremony and cocktail hour cruising the water, and be dropped at another point to continue your reception at another venue
  • International – escape to an exotic place you’ve always dreamed about, or a city you’ve been to and loved.
  • Golf Course – incorporate your sporting passions! If you love Golf, maybe a trip to a Golf Resort & Spa could be the perfect place to hold your wedding, as well as enjoy a golfing holiday before or afterwards

For more inspiration, contact some local Wedding Planners in the areas you are considering getting married.  Look at their websites for Photo Galleries of other weddings they have styled, and venues mentioned in their resources pages. Contact local wedding planners directly and speak to them for other ideas of what they could arrange for you. 

Your wedding doesn’t need to resemble weddings you've been to before. With a little imagination and help you can create something really unique and beautiful that nobody will forget.

Happy wedding planning!

Beach Destination Wedding

A beach wedding is only one option for a Destination Wedding