Corner tv stand(81674)

If you are planning to buy a new HDTV or LCD flat screen TV for a small home, you should consider getting a corner TV stand that saves space. You can also set up your TV up on a wall or ceiling. This concept frees up space on the sides and middle of your room for other furniture that can’t go to the corners. Wall mounts free up space on your floors while ceiling mounts gives you more floor and wall space.

Flat screen TV stands are perfect accessories to hold your new appliance since it saves space and keeps your TV safe. When your flat screen TV is set on an appropriate stand or mounting bracket, your television panel will be more stable. Corner, wall and ceiling TV mounts can secure your TV safely and will keep it from being toppled over.

Types of TV Mounts and Stands

Wall Mount TV Bracket: This kind of television furniture is bolted to the side wall or near the corner of your room. These wall mounted TV racks are made of a metal frame the holds your flat panel TV securely. The brackets can be tilted in 2 to 4 directions so you can adjust the positioning of your TV. It can also stay in a fixed direction depending on the model of your wall rack.

Ceiling TV Bracket: A ceiling flat screen mount gets your TV out-of-the-way of people passing through the room and gives people a better view of the screen. It keeps your check safer since it is out of reach and away from playing children. This also makes it a safer way to secure your TV and avoid making the TV injure a young child for when it falls off a regular corner TV stand. Ceiling mounted TV brackets are also ideal for commercial areas, lobbies and waiting rooms.

Pole Mount for Flat Screen TVs: This is similar to a ceiling rack but will let your TV monitor hang from or attach itself to a pole. With this kind of TV mount, you can set your HDTV or LCD television at eye level, a bit higher or all the way up in the ceiling. It is more versatile than wall or ceiling brackets since you can change the height of your TV monitor’s position. These of course can also be installed in a corner. You can also make your TV panels turn 180 degrees to face the opposite direction.

Entertainment Center: These kinds of flat screen TV stands can hold a television and other media devices like a DVD player or gaming console. It can also store CDs, DVDs, books and decorative knickknacks. These are practical and functional furniture for your TV and other items. They come in various sizes and can take up as little as 2 square feet to several feet. Depending on the style, they can be placed in the side of the room or used as a corner TV stand.

Modular TV Stands: These are also versatile furniture for your HDTV. They come in more than one piece and can be sued together or separately. The pieces can be set up close to each other or in separate parts of the room. These kinds of flat screen TV stands can also be placed in a corner. One module can hold your television while the other components can store other media appliances, books and decorative items.

Tips To Consider Before Making a Purchase

Before deciding on one TV mount or stand, take some measurements first. Measure the available space for your stand and the dimensions of your television. If you intend to store other things with your TV, measure the other media devices too. This will make sure you get the right entertainment center that will be suitable for your flat screen monitor and your room.

Browse through your choices on the internet before heading to a retail or furniture store. This gives you a chance to view your choices in the comforts of your home. You can also make comparisons from your computer without driving from one store to another. Compare prices, brands, styles and types of flat screen TV stands before making a final decision on one TV wall mount, corner TV stand or entertainment center for your home.